Flite Test was created for people passionate about flight. Our hope is to create a show for the people that build and fly planes and helicopters as a hobby. They are the dreamers and engineers that get a thrill from the first launch of a maiden flight. The show will personify the veteran and the beginner alike giving them a chance to share common experiences with others, in turn, enhancing the RC community. The goal is to develop a creative outlet that allows us to work in our passion daily. Flite Test is designed to empower our audience. It has just enough humor, technology and information to appeal to the RC flight crowd as a whole. We hope to entertain, educate and elevate our viewers as we move forward with quality content.

Josh Bixler - Host Aka the “smart Josh” is the straight man in this Laurel and Hardy pair. Josh B. brings the experience to the show, experience gained from over twenty five years of rc flying. Model planes is not the limit for this aviation enthusiast, he’s also soloed the well loved Taylorcraft at age 17. When he’s not hosting Flite Test, Josh pays the bills by painting American muscle car body kits and add ons. Amazing as it is, this husband, and father of two boys, also is finding time to build a full scale Pietenpol Aircamper. 

Josh Scott – Host Tagged early on as the “Dumb Josh”, Josh Scott is anything but. When not drawing on his lack of experience with RC, Josh is actively involved with music. He writes, records, sings, and he plays a variety of instruments. Other recreational pursuits are more athletic in nature, including softball, baseball, tennis, and the extreme sport of taking his wife shopping. During the 9 to 5 time, Josh works as a graphic designer. He follows this up by acting as the worship leader for the youth ministry at his church. ”On an unrelated side note”, whether he knows it or not, Josh is a budding philosopher, gaining much inspiration from raising his son, whom he credits as being “the cutest, funniest, smartest boy I’ve ever known.” 

Chad Kapper – Director/Executive Producer Surprisingly enough, Chad was a fairly new convert to the world of rc aviation when he came up with the idea of Flite Test. His first successful flight was sometime in the spring of 2010. He quickly became very passionate about the hobby, and wanted to share it with as many people as he could. Fortunately for the rest of us, Chad had the resources of his video production company , StoneKap Productions, to help him with this goal. With an established love of cameras, it was inevitable that he would mix the two, and enter the world of rc aerial video. It was this combination, flying and filming, which made up the early attempts at what is now the online video show we have today. Most importantly, rc flying has also given him more time at home to spend with his wife, Julee and his son, Christian who likes FPV (First Person View) flying and small helicopters. 

Joab Roseberry – Camera/Head of Production. Joab started as an intern, quickly moved to audio engineer, and now he heads up the production team! Having just been introduced to the RC aviation hobby after joining the Flite Test team, Joab is showing quick improvement in his flying abilities. He’s already gravitated to some of the more specialized niches. His interests in night flying, combat, and FPV have proven to be excellent way to accelerate training. When not holding the camera, Joab enjoys listening and playing a wide variety of music, pop punk being his preferred genera. In addition to that, Joab likes adventure of the two wheeled sort. There might have to be a Joab episode on Flite Test, because evidently with he time he spends in the air on his dirt bike, motor cross gives him wings. 

Eric Monroe – Camera Operator. Stepping behind the lens, you’ll find the crew’s special flight cameraman Eric Monroe (and infamous “Angry Swordsman”).  Eric lives by the quote “Do something you love so much you would gladly do it for free, and do it so well that people will gladly pay you to do it.” and it shows.  When not shooting for Flite Test he’s operating his own studio, specializing in cinematic wedding production and live multi-camera stage productions.  His keen eye, and steady hand lends itself perfectly to the fast paced, and demanding task of filming model aircraft in flight.  When unburdened of the weight of the camera, Eric takes to the skies.  He’s an accomplished pilot with time in several aircraft, including,  The Spirit of Akron – Goodyear blimp, Bell 47G (Mash copter), Bellanca Super Decathlon (aerobatic training), Quicksilver MXL2 Ultralight, Piper Warrior, Piper Cherokee, Cessna 140, Cessna 150 & 172, Bellanca Cruis-air, 85hp T-craft.  In addition to being a husband and proud father, he’s likely the winner of the most unexpected claim to fame, Eric has worked as a yo-yo demonstrator for Yomega & Duncan yo-yo companies, and still does local performances at street festivals, parties and such.

Wayne Griffith – Associate Producer If you find yourself saying Wayne who, don’t beat yourself up over it. Completely avoiding being in front of the camera seems to be Wayne Griffith’s secret mission while on the set of Flite Test. While Wayne had his introduction to the RC aviation hobby about 25 years ago, he’d taken a several years break from the RC world until joining up with Flite Test. His introduction to the show was during a visit to Chad’s house to watch an episode, and has been hooked since. Since his reintroduction to the hobby, Wayne’s really gotten a new zest for it. His humble aspirations are to learn to fly EVERYTHING, including the tricopter that he has on his work bench. His drive to expand his flying skills doesn’t stop at RC, Wayne has his eyes on powered parachutes as well. Wayne isn’t much for being indoors. When not working as a network administrator and dodging the lens, Wayne enjoys hiking, backpacking, photography, shooting, and kayaking with his best friend, his wife, Roxanne.