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Posted: February 11, 2013  |  7,755 views

Arron Bates stopped by to fly his Large Scale 100CC gas airplane. He showed us some impressive tricks and shared some flying tips.

We were finishing up our next swappable and Arron came out to test and help us with some final design suggestions for our FT 3D Swappable (which we'll be releasing very soon)!  

You may remember Arron from our coverage at Huckfest 2012  where we showed off his custom air brake that he setup on one of the other airplanes that he flies with the 3D Hobby Shop Team.

His 100cc gas plane features a custom paint scheme and a boxing kangaroo.

One tip with large scale gas airplanes is to be sure the person holding the aircraft does it correctly. They need to secure the airplane by straddling the tail of the plane with their legs firmly against the rear of the stabilizer, so the plane cannot move forward.  Holding the top of the canopy will add additional support.  

Despite the wind, Arron was willing to try all kinds of flying maneuvers and aerobatics. 

Arron took up Chad's challenge to try touching the tail to the nearby pine trees. 

Arron setup his radio with customized button switches that allow him to perform a wide variety of tricks.

It was exciting to see such a large airplane flown so close to the ground and controlled with such precision.

Arron is a product developer and team pilot for 3D Hobby Shop and has a wealth of flying experience and knowledge. We hope to have him back again!  You can see more of his flying at his vimeo page as well.

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Check out the additional behind the scenes video from this epsiode below! 


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