Avery's Guinea Flight

by IC Aeronautics | January 1, 2018 | (0) Posted in Projects

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To the Flite Test Community;

Senior student Avery had taken probably the hardest path in getting into the hobby, she insisted that she choose the FT Guinea Pig.  Avery has a passion for flight, however, has never built, nor flown, not even getting some stick time, with the exception of a five minute simulator flight prior to flying!  With her busy schedule, she managed to come one to two times a week for an hour to work on her plane, learning on the fly, soldering for the first time, and getting a better understanding of how an aircraft works.  When it was time for her first flight she insisted that she repaint the aircraft, knowing full well that she was trying to stall, haha!  As the winter break approached, she had no choice but to fly, and she did, and it was awesome!

Avery's build came out amazing and it set her up for a great flight!

A 5 minute cram session prior to flight

A cool shot from Brandon flying our chasing quadcopter

First battery was line of sight flying to get the hang of it

FPV time with the Split camera

Avery said there was no interference with the FPV and the HD recording looked amazing

All smiles!

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Avery's Guinea Flight