FT Sparrow

by FliteTest | February 15, 2016 | (18) Posted in Reviews

FT Sparrow

The FT Sparrow is super and fun to build and makes a great RC fun flyer, throw glider or FPV-equipped plane!

We designed the FT Sparrow to be built as a glider in less than 45 minutes using only one sheet of foam board. The FT Sparrow also teaches core principles of flight, design theory and every technique needed to build all FT designs.

We introduced the FT Sparrow a few weeks ago at the Flite Test family Make and Take build event during the AMA Expo.

The experience was made possible by an amazing group of Flite Test volunteers who gave their time and knowledge to help build the new FT Sparrow plane.


  • Adam Avalos
  • Albert Kim
  • Alex Walsh
  • Barbra Difrenza
  • Bill Clifton
  • Brooke Tarver
  • Dave Fishman
  • David Trepanier
  • Jake Wells
  • Jason McNees
  • Jonathan Hyman
  • Ken Moore
  • Luke Chitwood
  • Maxim Lisitsyn
  • Michael Berry
  • Peter Rodens
  • Robert Meleka
  • Santos Vasquez
  • Victor Shlyakhtenko
  • Zeke Archuleta
  • ...and anyone else we may have missed!

By the end of the AMA Expo, 200 FT Sparrows were built! Special thanks to Wayne and Garth Bolton for giving their build spots to others so they could make a memory.

Peter designed a mechanism that would launch the Sparrows at a higher altitude. We partnered with Carangi Airships to create a great interactive family build experience. They used an airship to carry Peter's launching mechanism so the kids could see an HD downlink and remote launch their gliders. Look for the plans and kits for this launcher in the future!

We hope the design will become a great tool for people to use in educational environments such as FT STEM, group build nights and introducing others to scratch building!

Alex and Josh recently met up with Skitzo, Frebott and Stinger Swarm in Georgia to fly, get input and test the new Versacopter V2.

We also spent an evening building FT Sparrows in preparation for a fun day of flight! The next day we found a great location to put the Sparrow to the test.

Frebott flew his FT Sparrow with an Emax 2204 2300 KV motor, a Gemfan 50 50 triblade and an Emax ESC.

Stinger Swarm flew an Emax motor with an HQ 5 4 triblade and a 3S battery.

Even after a full day of flight and plenty of crashes, the FT Sparrow held up really well!

Although we flew line of sight, the FT Sparrow is a great platform for flying FPV. The additional camera weight in the nose will balance the Sparrow perfectly on an 800mAh 3S battery.

We truly hope the FT Sparrow design becomes a great tool to connect, inspire and educate others.

The free flight bulk version and R/C version of the Sparrow are available in the Flite Test Store, and the free plans will be available in the build article later this week!


For bulk education discounts, click here


Bayboos on February 15, 2016
Finally! Thank you, guys!
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CrashnDash on February 15, 2016
Yaaaa! It's finally here. You've been teasing us with this one for a while now.
But you're still teasing aren't you? You're gonna make us beg for the plans now. Aren't you?
8-) It's a great looking little plane.............................Still Waiting. ;-)
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Alexander Wissmann on February 15, 2016
Cool! Does it run on the mighty mini power pod?

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flyingsquirrelrc on February 15, 2016
Yeah on the store it says it runs on the A power pod, which is the same used for the mighty mini speedster and I believe the scout too.
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flyingsquirrelrc on February 15, 2016
You could probably make it run on the f power pod too. :)
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Alexander Wissmann on February 16, 2016
That thing would probably go crazy
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jordy123 on February 15, 2016
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webdragon on February 15, 2016
Nice looking bird even if it looks a little small. What are the specs on it? wingspan, length an such?
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danger41263 on February 15, 2016
look nice and cool
you are the best

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panther3001 on February 15, 2016
What is the recommended servo arrangement, control surfaces, and mixing?

Based on the photos it looks like 2 ailerons + 2 V-tail surfaces, for a total of 4 servos. I could see it being done with only 2 servos and not using the ailerons, however, as you can use mixing hardware or computerized radios to mix the 2 tail servos into ruddervators (rudder + elevator), elevons (elevator + ailerons) or ruddervatorons (rudder + elevator + ailerons).

This makes the plane either a 3 or 4 channel plane (your choice based on mixing), whether you use 2 servos or 4.

With 4 servos you could just use a Y-harness to hook the two V-tail servos together and use the tail as elevator only, then have ailerons.

Again, many options exist here. If it was me, I'd use 4 servos and mix the tail into ruddervatorons.

So, FliteTest, what are you doing, and what do you recommend?
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Bonards on February 15, 2016
It's only me or someone else imagine that this plane, in a swappable series size, should be the youngest brother for the combat family (bloody wonder and bloody baron)?
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eric on February 15, 2016
What's the wingspan on this guy?
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GluedFingers on February 15, 2016
You guys...why am I tearing up watching you fly these wonderful machines.
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Kalabibishkis on February 16, 2016
Is there free plans for that plane ?

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Norlin on February 16, 2016
"the free plans will be available in the build article later this week!" right there in the article you just read
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flyingsquirrelrc on February 16, 2016
In answer to all you peoples comments....


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Firebaby049 on February 16, 2016
Great job on a bird type plane with an appropriate name too. Love the way it flies in the video. Maybe next step in the bird planes would be The Eagle. Always look forward to opening your site and seeing the finest in planes and videos. Some day I will visit in person.
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yehudah on February 16, 2016
Whaaatt you don't visit Canada in the winter :>) Anyways thanks for the great new mini, cant wait to build one
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wmmc01 on February 16, 2016
Any chance of having the plans available for download?

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dgrigor02@yahoo.com on February 16, 2016
Patience. Plans should be available on Wednesday.
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dholcomb on February 16, 2016
You were in Georgia? What part of Ga. were you in? Would have loved to see you guys... I can't wait to build the Sparrow and blow them away at our field. I have all the electronics sitting here ready to go. BTW - Are you guys planning on Joe Nall (Triple Tree) this year?
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Chilie on February 17, 2016
I need some of these in my life - you guys smashed it with the video, i cant wait to build one, so many planes i want to build and so little time. I am into this hobby because of you guys Massive thanks from me.
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burt1166 on February 18, 2016
Hi love this design .When are you going to have a distributor in the UK .You are really missing a trick .
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model3113 on February 18, 2016
So it's obviously easy to build, but is it just as easy for that same kid to fly? The demo makes it look like it's really fast and nimble, like a BW or the Warbirds.
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joshuaparker on February 29, 2016
Please tell me we will eventually get plans for this. ITS TOO COOL!!!
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FT Sparrow