Mini FT Flyer

by dholcomb | December 8, 2014 | (5) Posted in Projects

My Mini FT Flyer:

I have been keeping up with FliteTest for about a year now and have really enjoyed the information contained here. Resently I noticed the move toward mini RC airplane models. Since I learned to fly using the FT Flyer and it is still one of my favorites I decided to give this mini thing a try. So here it is, My Mini FT Flyer...

To get started I converted the full size plans to a JPG format and imported them into Sketch Up. I used the scale tool to reduce them down to about 50%.

Please don't hold me to every exact measurement. I had to fudge here and there to make things fit just right but this did give me a place to start. So I begin the build.

I choose black foam board. Just thought it would be a good change from the white. As I cut each piece I noticed the power pod looked so big for this model so I sized it down some.

I continued to cut and build making fit wherever it was needed.




After I got it complete I noticed it was about the same size as my little Cessna 182.

Now it's off to the field to see if this little guy would fly. It was a bit breezy the day of my test flight.  

A couple of points to keep in mind. My Mini Flyer is a little underpowered and it also may benefit from the thrust angle power pod of the FliteTest Mini's. I built this one 90 degrees and it has a tendency to wonder left. I have on order a slightly more powerful motor and a lighter battery.

I had to try this. Was just too tempting. Thank you for reading my article.

A654 Black RED SERIES Motor M1818 KV4500 RC Outrunner Brushless Motor
Flycolor 10 Amp ESC
Tactic RX w/case removed. (I notched the power pod to fit the RX and use a rubber band to hold it in place)
MA0640 6x4 1/2A Prop RC AIRPLANE PROP
Mystery 2 cell 900 mAH 25c Battery


Bellows on December 9, 2014
Very Nice job. Kudos to you. I love the FT Flyer also. It was the first plane that I built that I could fly stable. I just might build one also. I think I will remove some of the paper though. It seems to make a difference if you use the mini motor.
Thanks for sharing, LooseBruce
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G.D.X RC on December 9, 2014
that was very nice job dholcomb. keep up your minis, and i might to build it to...its just wonderfull..
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cmlstudios on December 13, 2014
Nicely done David! I'm envious since I'm still working to master the original full-size Flyer. :)
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Theflyingfoam on January 3, 2015
Thanks for the amazing article! I have the electronics from the original eflite UMX beast. Do you think that little motor could fly this mini flyer?
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dholcomb on January 4, 2015
It just might work. I just got an EMAX MT1804 2480KV Brushless Motor that is defective. They are sending me a replacement. I am going to try it and will report back here when I do. I also just got a 500 mah 7.4 volt battery which is lighter than I have now.. Thank you for commenting.
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Mini FT Flyer