Red20RC is back!

by Red20RC | August 8, 2019 | (5) Posted in Just Fun

A couple of months ago I had to cancel the server that the Red20RC site sat on. At the time I thought it was the end of an era so I took no backups and just let the site slip quietly into the dark...

I missed it about 5 minutes later

So I'm back. Not sure if I can say "better than ever", but back none-the-less.

In order to make it worth while I've aligned the categories and tags on the new site with those here on FliteTest and I will be co-publishing all my articles and plans over here as well.

In fact my first job will be to go through and update/fix up all my old articles. There are 53 of them and a lot of the links, plans and images were broken with the demise of the old site. As I do that I will transpose those articles back to Red20RCso I can restore something of the old archives.

So, bear with me whilst I get things up and running. The old plans and downloads will return, it just may take a little whiles to do it all...


Gryf on August 10, 2019
The new website looks excellent!
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jbarboxa on August 12, 2019
It´s great to have your site back, congratulations
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Corsair2014 on August 13, 2019
Hope to see more YouTube videos soon, always enjoyed yours (:
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SP0NZ on August 15, 2019
Great to see you back again Red20!
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Red20RC is back!