The Bloody Ace: Combat Buddy for the Bloody Baron

by Sparkie | August 23, 2015 | (15) Posted in Projects

Hello to the Flite Test Community.

I read about, viewed and then built Dan and Keegan Sponholz's' Bloody Baron. What excellent fun! But something was missing: an adversary to have combat with!  So I designed and built the Bloody Ace - a combat buddy for the Bloody Baron. The design is fundamentally based on the Bloody Baron, which is an essentialised mash-up of several German World War One fighters, so I thought, mmmm, let me see if I can build an essentialised World War One (WW1) Allied fighter. My main aim was to create a combat buddy that had the same flight envelope as the Bloody Baron, including the same control surface areas and also keeping the main wing area.


I mainly reworked only cosmetic features of the fuselage, changing only the nose and body shape in non-essential areas; to give that typical rounded engine cowling look seen on many WW1 British fighter aircraft.


Then I changed the wing shape, but kept the same aerofoil section and wing width. It was important to keep the flight envelope the same, as much as possible, but I wanted to make the wing silhouette look like a clasic British WW1 fighter.


I changed the vertical stabiliser to look like the typical silhouette of a WW1 British fighter plane and also the horizontal stabiliser to look more British. I had to add on a little bit of extra depth, to the elevator, to keep the same surface area, as the shape of the tailplane tapers quite a bit on British WW1 aircraft.


Lastly the model just needed a typical British WW1 fighter paint job to give it that Royal Flying Corps look, including the absolutely essential tricolour painted tail and some authentic roundels.


Full Size Plans: Bloody Ace Plans

Note: Print at actual size of A0 or select tile print for the same file in Adobe and set to either A4 or Letter for your required paper size.

Specs are exactly the same as for the Bloody Baron, but here is what I was flying with:

  • 2 Hextronic 9g Serovs
  • Flite Test control rods and control horns
  • 1300 mah Turnigy LiPoly battery
  • Turnigy 1240 kV Aerodrive outrunner
  • 25A Turnigy Plush ESC
  • 9 x 4.7 SF Prop

I set the CG at 58mm back from the wing leading edge and it seems to be about right - this is as per the recommendations by Dan and Keegan Sponholz from their plans.

Here are two WW1 British Roundels to put on the wings: British WW1 Roundels

Here is my maiden video of the Bloody Ace:



And here is the build video of the Bloody Ace:



I had great fun making this model and it flies just like my scratch built Bloody Baron, which was the aim of my project. I would be interested to see how the model flies when made of Adams foam board, as I built my version from heavier Australian foam board. I look forward to seeing future results from the Flite Test Community.

Many thanks to Dan and Keegan Sponholz for being so generous with their build plans, which I copied and then modified to make the Bloody Ace. So all credit to you guys, I am just standing on the shoulders of giants.

Best regards to all

Jeff Clarke

Flyboyz Australia



tclemmo on August 26, 2015
Great job! Really nicely written article. I'll be building one next time I can get hold of some foam board!
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10spro1 on August 30, 2015
Thanks for the plans, because I could not find the plans for the baron.
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jrvalentin62 on August 26, 2015
Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Thank you for the share.
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Crash and Burn RC on August 28, 2015
Dude i love this more than the bloody baron
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Sparkie on August 30, 2015
No worries. The plans, specs and other build details for the Bloody Baron are available here:
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SP0NZ on August 26, 2015
I love this! This is exactly what my vision was when I started to make modifications to the original FT Bloody Wonder. Once I had the fuselage worked out, I knew it would be a great platform for other people to use to make their own unique designs. I did not expect it to happen this quickly! Bloody good work Jeff Clarke. ;) And thank you for the mention in the video and on the plans.
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The Bloody Ace: Combat Buddy for the Bloody Baron