085 FT Extra Updates

by FliteTest | August 22, 2015 | (8) Posted in Podcasts

Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Alex Zvada and Stefan Ostergren round out today's episode for a fairly large podcast! We had fun catching up with Josh Scott, talking about our big FT Extra update and what's on the new frontier for Flite Test!


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Flynn on August 22, 2015
That Bushwacker plane looks like a game changer! I think many people will learn a lot from this plane. Can't wait to try it!
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spastickitten on August 23, 2015
I was thinking of how embarrassing it is to be in front of a camera, and this helped me, and I might be doing things like that soon
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NCC1701 on August 24, 2015
Thanks for making the FT Extra free! I will buy many more planes from you to honor that :)
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tclemmo on August 25, 2015
Has that email gone out yet? I just noticed this article today and I hope I haven't missed it or deleted it accidentally! Great job with Ft Extra, too. I'm really excited to see where it goes! Can't wait for the Bushwhacker either! Keep it up guys!
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joker24458 on August 25, 2015
I also paid for FT Extra and haven't received an email yet either, so I'm guessing they just haven't sent them yet. And I am looking forward to the Bushwhacker too, that should be a very fun plane. :D
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Quantumcat on September 1, 2015
I never did the subscription, but had donated via paypal before when you were doing that. Any way to get my name on that email list for beta stuff as well?
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tclemmo on September 2, 2015
I still haven't got an email, so maybe I wasn't subscribed for long enough.
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joker24458 on September 3, 2015
Hmmm, I still haven't got the email....can anyone from FT confirm if the email has been sent?
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joker24458 on September 11, 2015
Received the email a couple days ago, looking forward to the package.....thanks FliteTest! :D
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NCC1701 on August 27, 2015
Awwww I'm in Massachusetts, so flite fest west will be even MORE farther :( Already a 12 hour drive.
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TurboNinjaStix on September 2, 2015
Hey guys, it's great to hear from Josh Scott again, glad he's doing well. I'm really excited about the new VersaCopter kits, and the Graupner tx/rx/fc combo! Will the carbon booms be available separately for other kits? Thanks for the heads-up so I can stash some cash between crashes (yeah, you can use that 😁). Great work, guys. Sounds like we have a lot cool stuff to work on going into "the building season".
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Shadow_333 on September 2, 2015
Ducted fan Millenium Falcon?
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TheGoonSquad on September 16, 2015
Maybe a prop and slot?
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085 FT Extra Updates