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Image of a beginner flyer.

Remote Control Planes For Beginners

Our unique selection of entry level RC planes are specifically designed with beginners in mind, making it incredibly easy for anyone to start their journey in the world of remote-controlled flight. With easy-to-use controls, durable design, and extensive online resources, we ensure a smooth, fun, and accessible experience for those just discovering the thrill of flying RC planes.

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Image of people flying RC Planes Image of people flying RC Planes

Flite Test STEM Education

Flite Test STEM is an educational program designed to inspire and educate young people through hands-on projects that involve building and flying RC planes and drones. The program provides a variety of resources for educators, including lesson plans, instructional videos, and project guides, along with RC aircraft products, to help them incorporate STEM activities into their classroom curriculum.

Recent Articles

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Image of the FT-EZ-ID Remote ID Broadcast Module Image of the FT-EZ-ID Remote ID Broadcast Module
Image of FT Flerken RC Plane


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