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Flite Test was started in a garage by a group of individuals passionate about flight and community. From Drones, to Fixed Wing RC, to Full Scale Flight, this is your one-stop gateway to the most exciting hobby in the world!

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Sep 22, 2017 | Runtime: 12:44

Full Bare Bear Video: Bare Bear Airplane: LensRentals: Want a FT Creative project? Email Austin: austin@...

Sep 20, 2017 | Runtime: 15:47

Build a DIY foamboard X-29 NASA Jet! Get the speed build kit: Get Power Pack C: 3.5mm bullet extensions:

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September 24, 2017 by IC Aeronautics

The new IC Aeronautics teams gets it first flight experience with the Opterra.

The FPV Starchaser Free Plans and Build Video!

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Check out some of the FT Simple Cub upgrades to make your flight experience even better!

Josh takes you step-by-step through how to build the new FT Simple Cub!

Build your very own FT MiG-3 warbird with Josh in this step-by-step video!

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On todays Episode we sit down with Jesse Perkins from Tiny Whoop and talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING WHOOP!

Josh and Alex chat about Crazy build projects, personal projects and other fun FT initiatives!

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