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Flite Test was started in a garage by a group of individuals passionate about flight and community. From Drones, to Fixed Wing RC, to Full Scale Flight, this is your one-stop gateway to the most exciting hobby in the world!

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Mar 16, 2018 | Runtime: 7:56

Josh was doing some prototype testing with the new Twin Sparrow Swappable Speed build kit when Stefan and Alex thought it would be a good idea to fly it off ...

Mar 14, 2018 | Runtime: 7:46

Will our 3D printed P-47 survive a snowstorm? Find out! Special thanks to our official 3D printer partner, LulzBot! Get your own plans: Watch our most recent videos: ...

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The E-Flite Vapor HP is a fantastic little indoor flyer that is ultra lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. Check it out!

Looking to get a sweet new micro flyer to pilot both indoors and outdoors? Look no further.

Here's a build an RC plane from the initial spark of an idea to the very first flight. Let's go!

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The next RC flying wing design from Flite Test is here - the FT Dart.

Here's how to build your very own FT Simple Scout, with a build video and an article in-depth breakdown!

FTScratchBuild of the brand new FT 270 quad

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On todays podcast we sit down with Alex Zvada and SKITZO (Aka - Jon davis) about what he does OUTSIDE the hobby!

ON todays podcast, we catch up with Matt here at FT about Local, Regional and National level Drone Racing!

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