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Flite Test was started in a garage by a group of individuals passionate about flight and community. From Drones, to Fixed Wing RC, to Full Scale Flight, this is your one-stop gateway to the most exciting hobby in the world!

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Feb 22, 2019 | Runtime: 18:41

SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, it's really easy to use, and the price is great! Check SimpliSafe out here: Alex attempts to make the car from Harry ...

Feb 15, 2019 | Runtime: 17:11

The King of Random sent us a foam toilet so we could try and make it fly! Watch TKOR toilet making video: Check out The King of Random channel: ...

Recent Articles

Guide to build a suspension landing gear for RC planes with link to STL files!

Dude. This thing looks like it just stepped out of 1917.

Ever heard of the Buran? Here's why it existed.

Latest Build Plans

The FT Legacy is now available from the FT Store and available to scratch build using the free plans (found here)!

The newest Flite Test speed build kit is here! It's a seaplane based on an aircraft from an anime film. Here's more.

There's a new Flite Test airplane kit in town, and it's called the FT LongEZ.

Latest Podcasts

This week on the Flite Test Podcast, James sits down with Joe Barnard from BPS.Space to talk about self-landing rockets.

This week on the FT Podcast, James is joined by RamyRC to talk about his gigantic RC airliner projects.

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