FT Viggen V2 Build supplemental

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The FT Viggen is a rule breaker. It's a jet that can slow down to a crawl and not stall. Yet it can be fast and track like an arrow. It has a precise and locked in feel. These characteristics make the FT Viggen a great EDF trainer. The fact that you don't have to fly fast all the time and be afraid of stalling makes the FT Viggen so enjoyable to fly. This plane will teach you about the nature and feel of an EDF power system in a safe and controlled manner. The FT Viggen has now been reimagined using all the amazing feedback from our community.  The wings no longer need additional reinforcement thanks to the fold over leading edge which creates additional lift.  The Viggen has now been paired with the FT EDF Power pack which boasts a 70mm EDF outrunner motor that offers both speed and efficiency.  We have also added markings for an optional landing gear so you no longer have to hand launch your FT Viggen and can enjoy both the thrill and stability of taking off your own jet.  We wanted to honor our “favorite Swede” David Windestal by keeping his original build video intact.  Please use the supplemental article below to see the additional steps needed for both the wing, EDF, and the landing gear.  

We are excited to be able to offer the FT Viggen once more to our amazing community and can not wait to see this amazing EDF Jet take to the skies once again!



  • 1.45lbs (w/o Battery

  • 2.25lbs (w/ battery)

Recommended Battery 2x 2200 3cell in series to make a 6 cell with optional series connector

Flight time:" 5-7 min 

Wingspan: 25.25”

Length: 39”

Center of gravity: 5.25”  from leading edge of the rudder (See mark on bottom of the wing)

Control Deflection: 9mm Aileron, 12mm elevator, 40% expo



The Wings for the V2 Viggen feature a fold over leading edge for both strength and lift.

1. Lay a bead of hot glue down the center of the wing and lay flat on the build table to cool.  smear off any extra glue with a scrap piece of foam.  This seam will face up for the the remainder of the build.  

2.Cut a double bevel in the leading edge of the wing 

3. If you desire to install the optional landing gear, now would be a great time to cut the holes out of the lower           portions of the wing using the marks as reference.

4. Practice folding the top surface of the wing over and aligning it with the center seam. Once happy, apply hot         glue and hold down Do this on both sides

5, For the rear portion of the leading edge, Remove the foam from the fold-over and tape the fold over paper on       the bottom of the wing.  Line up the front of the paper with the seam of the wing to keep the leading edges           tight together.

6.Cut a double bevel and practice folding over the leading edge the same way as the front.  Once happy with the     fit, glue both the facing paper and the rear leading edge down the same way as the front.

FT 70mm EDF Motor Install

The FT 70mm EDF has a flange and wings on the side. Motor install is simple with just a few additional steps

1. Locate the 70mm formers and cut a relief in the lower mount to allow the formers to open up around the edf.         You can use a skewer to make the opening a bit larger to establish a tight fit for both the front and rear EDF         formers.

2. Position and glue the formers in place per video.

3. For wire routing, cut a small hole next to the EDF and rout the wires through the holes.  Take care to position        the wires so they do not interfere with the servos

Optional landing gear for FT Viggen V2

The Optional landing gear assembles and installs the same way as the FT Retro Rocket.  The only difference is the lengths of the nose and main landing gear.  Use the building portion of the Retro rocket build video HERE and bend your gear to the lengths shown below.

Nose gear 2 5/8"

Main landing gear 1 1/2"

Thank you for building along with us!  Have fun flying with the added durability, speed, and additional features of the new FT Viggen V2.  We appreciate both your support and feedback which makes projects like this possible!


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FT Viggen V2 Build supplemental