106 The Super Bowl of new products

by FliteTest | February 7, 2016 | (7) Posted in Podcasts

Well this is the closest we've come to not recording a podcast due to technical difficuties but everyone pulled together and we got it done. Anywhoo the crew discussed a couple top news stories from the week that were rather interesting. The big chit chat was all the new RC products that have hit the market or will be out soon. listen in to see what sparked our interest and what didn't.




Horizon hobby's list of products from Nurnberg toy fair

Some new Heli-Max quads

A few new Phoenix models

The truck inspired Quad from Traxxas

New Turnigy Graphene battery

a few specs on the new Graphene battery

some of our favorite new products

the new Turnigy Graphene battery

Blade Inductrix 200 FPV


Spektrum heavy duty FPV camera

Eflite UMX J3 Cub


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Digital Wolf on February 7, 2016
I will listen to it tomorrow morning when i get to school now i nee to sleep (02:12 here in The Netherlands and i need to get up at 08:00 :O)
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longshot on February 9, 2016
great podcast! had a sympathetic sigh, I have been involved in the firearms hobby for much longer that rc and have to say welcome to the club of the "suspect first" club. Our society has become so fearful (in some cases rightfully so) BUT if what people are doing is not a crime then the police should tell people that call. "Flying is not a crime, has the drone done anything to compromise your safety?" or carrying a gun is not a crime, had the individual pointed their gun at anyone?" but instead they respond and "investigate". please don't get me wrong I am a big admirer and supporter of law enforcement when they do just that, enforce laws. I can't support a cruiser rolling up to a park to "question" a group of people out enjoying recreation. Sadly being in the gun hobby I can tell you it likely will not get better for rc pilots anytime soon. In the end Fly on! don't quit and don't give in. Practice your hobby correctly and safely and educate those that will allow you and ignore the fear mongers.
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studentPilot on February 11, 2016
I listened this episode of the podcast today and really enjoyed it. You have the best RC podcast there is. I was a little disappointed in your comments bout the Traxxas Aton and Aton +. Just because they are and RC company for cars and trucks doesn't mean that they can't do a quad copter also. They have been selling the Alias for a while and have done quite well with it. The Aton is a great quad. I own one and it is the most fun I have had flying a quad in a long time. Everything works on it as advertised. It is not coming soon, it is available now from Traxxas' website and from many LHS locations. You will find that their customer service is as good if not better than Horizon Hobby. I do not work for them, I just really enjoy their fine products.
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FliteTest on February 11, 2016
Ok maybe we were a little harsh. Traxxas arguably makes some of the best RC cars and trucks out there. I was surprised that there trying there hand in the larger Quadcopter market. So there were a few things that we did like about it. The looks and design is definitely different and has that RC truck style body which we all liked. there is no doubt that its well built and should fly great knowing Traxxas has a reputation to uphold.I also have to give them some credit on trying to get a piece of the Quadcopter pie and what better than all there loyal customers buying a Traxxas Anton. I guess my point is what really separates it from the thousands of other Quadcopters in this category. We didn't see where it did anything special that hasn't been done already and it seems to be a tad on the pricey side for what your getting but thats just our collective opinion from what we read and seen about it. We could be totally wrong and maybe we can get our hands on one to test out. Thanks for listening-Chris
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phoenix on February 14, 2016
Please provide Audio Link, Unable to download.
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NCC1701 on February 15, 2016
I think the Graphene baterys are just hype.
I think someone has gotten good at pulling people in to buy their products ;)
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andre on February 16, 2016
I want to run them up against the A-Specs for sure.
The BSM guys were running them for a bit and were impressed.
I own the Zippy Compact 25C and they have severed me well but in the more demanding planes the A-Specs have also proven their worth.
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106 The Super Bowl of new products