111 Weak Signals

by FliteTest | April 3, 2016 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Chris, Mike and Adam make the yearly trip to Toledo,Ohio for the Weak Signals RC show and discuss what caught there interest. Andre also joins the group and since we had a few good flying days listen to see what happened and who crashed what. 


Audio Link

The brushless motor wheel

The Multiplex FunCub XL

The big debate between the new Eflite and Flyzone UMX B25's

Horizon hobby now carring FMS planes

the aftermath of the crashed mini tricopter and no damage

Just in case anyone wanted to check out Casey Neistat here is just one of the videos we talked about

Chad South and his Bicopter

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jordy123 on April 4, 2016
I know casey! he's from NYC.
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jordy123 on April 4, 2016
also, first comment!
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on April 4, 2016
Yay! Can't wait to listen.
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notsane on April 4, 2016
FYI: Leaving the antenna off the receiver isn't a problem. Leaving it off the transmitter will fry it though ...
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RotorAce on April 4, 2016
But it does decrease your range and quality.
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Anon Pilot on April 5, 2016
FMS... for me this years big purchases have been a 1400mm P40B and P51 Red Tail inspired by the fantastic quality YouTube reviews of RCInformer and purchase, not least, BECAUSE of the sprung high quality undercarriage. Chris... are you aware how far FMS have moved on? DO check out the 1400mm P40B it is TRULY a thing of beauty. Horizon is seeming to me now a bit 'style over content', all bluster and show-off. Also, there are much better AND CHEAPER stabilisation systems than AS3X, check out HobbyEagle A3 Super II... Flite Test should be reviewing products like this shouldn't they???

Good podcast this time guys, thanks.
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FliteTest on April 9, 2016
Hey Anon, i have to agree with you 100 percent. I've had numerous FMS warbirds through out the years and in the beginnings they for sure had some flaws but for the money you couldn't beat the looks and flying characteristics.They listened to there customers through the forums and just kept making them better with servos,motors,escs,and especially there retracts which was one of there big down falls early on. Looking at Horizon FMS was originally one of there biggest competitors in the warbird department and who would have thought FMS would be making warbirds for them and now Horizon is actually selling FMS. Also I would love to review this stuff and were working on a few things so hopefully in the future we can do this. Thanks-Chris
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PropSpinner on April 5, 2016
I just envision you guys look like Wayne and Garth from Wayne's world. If you would just put a guitar riff in there every so often it would complete my illusion.
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FliteTest on April 9, 2016
your not far off....hahaha...-Chris
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andre on April 9, 2016
Party on...
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Deepshark5 on April 9, 2016
Thanks for the awesome podcast, really enjoy listening while I am building something, its the best possible background.

While listening to the tale of R/C Eric, I can sympathise...my HK Spitfire Mk. 24 has had about 120 outings in 5 years, and is going strong, but its only enjoyabel because I have literally hundreds of hours flying slope soaring EPP warbirds - and this gave me an idea for a solution for R/C Eric....

(1) Convince Eric to get a 60" EPP Warbird from Leading Edge Gliders....
(2) Get Eric to build it - it will be a good education for him
-Mods :
--Replace the balsa tailfeathers with corflute/twinwall 3mm
--Cover the thing with 3M fibreglass duct tape - the creat, cross threaded stuff
--Finally use mylar tape for a silver finish, since Eric has a WWII USAF fixation....which is cool.
--Then use self adhesive vinyl for markings in various colours...
(4) Teach Eric to SLOPE

This is a great solution, because now...
(1) The plane is immortal - Augur in, and it bounces, ready to fly again !
(2) Flight time is measured in HOURS, not minutes
(3) Its a warbird !
(4) in most cases Eric can get away with three channels, perhaps even two...

Then, the other really good alternative would be for Eric to, of course, get building the FT Spitfire, FT Mustang, and FT Mini Mustang and FT Mini Corsair......These are very inexpensive, easy to get hold of, and of course if they die, well, then its a $40 kit as opposed to a $400 lawn-dart !
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FliteTest on April 9, 2016
Thanks for the ideas. This made me laugh cause I've tried so many ideas like you just mentioned but have come to a few conclusions. 1 RC Eric is not one for building and if he could just get the plane in the mail put together and RTF he would,paying extra of course. 2 it has to have a motor, gas would be preferred but electric will have to do for now. Ive already been getting youtube links of giant P47 CARF models with MOKI radial engines in them asking if id be able to fly one......I guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens and hopefully i can get him on the podcast....stay tuned-Chris
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Eheff on April 20, 2016
Try to build a plane using a selfie-stick!

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Snarls on April 24, 2016
Great podcast guys! Really liked when you talked about Casey. I am also a big fan of his vlogs and have been wondering what FT thinks about his use of his drones. I wonder if you guys could get him on a podcast or show sometime?
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111 Weak Signals