119 The Return of the FT Podcast II

by FliteTest | August 9, 2016 | (5) Posted in Podcasts

Josh, Josh, Austin and Alex get back into the podcast world! 

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bryuly on August 9, 2016
An FT Podcast!!! Starting listening now...
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SHolman on August 10, 2016
I love it! "We're recording this August 5th, and it's gonna go out today..."

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RoadRunnerRC on August 13, 2016
did you fix the bird of time
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Anon Pilot on August 14, 2016
Josh B was difficult to hear. Also, almost none of it interested me.
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Battershell on August 24, 2016
Love hearing all you guys again!
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119 The Return of the FT Podcast II