12/5v FPV BEC: cheap and essential fpv accessory

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Product link: http://www.banggood.com/DC-DC-Converter-Step-Down-Module-3A-5V12V-Mini-BEC-For-RC-Plane-FPV-p-936792.html 


I bought is product from banggood.com, it is very cheap at only £1.53 /$2.32 each from chine with free shipping. Bearing in mind a TBS core which does voltage regulation is £60 so this is worth it even to have in the spares box.


It is available in 5 and 12v editions. They have a max output current of 3amps. It weights about 5.6g depending if you have the cables or connections on.


This product is very small and light meaning that it will fit in most systems even 250s, but i am going to be fitting it into my f450 to power my video transmitter, as it is rated for 12v and I use 4s batteries on this quad which is 14.8v. The reason why I am installing it is because I don’t like connecting other batteries when I want to fly, I just to plug it in and then go.


This bec (battery elimination circuit) comes in an electro static bag, so no protective packaging but for the price you can’t complain. It has jst connections pre-installed to make sure that you do not get the wires the wrong way round when connecting the power supply and camera.




To install this, you will need one female jst and one male jst, or alternatively you can solder it directly, but I prefer this as in the event of a crash it won’t pull all of the wires through and rip it all to pieces. Wouldn’t be good. Im going to solder another JST on so I can replace the camera if wish to do so, and this makes it easier as you don’t have to take off the connections and re-solder it.


There are no waves from the video which other becs can cause.


I think this is nice thing to have in case you want to use a 4s-6s battery but need 12v for an fpv camera. and at such a cheap cost you may as well get one in case you need it.


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rogerjiangcf on March 11, 2015
cut open the heat shrink and you will probably see 2 1A step down regulator in parallel even though they say that it's 3A constant.
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12/5v FPV BEC: cheap and essential fpv accessory