129 Phantom menace

by FliteTest | October 17, 2016 | (1) Posted in Podcasts

Chris and Andre have another bench flying session. Listen in to find out the BIG news from Andre. Tons of new products have been released or are coming soon. Find out some of the ones that caught our eye.

.direct download link

Andre's new expensive selfie stick

Blade Theory

Blade Manta

FMS beaver

FMS P-47 1500mm

Flyzone Rapide

Eflite UMX Cessna 182

Eflite UMX A-10

Eflite P-47 1.2m

Eflite Convergence



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FliteGreg on October 17, 2016
Chris and Andre, what a great job you guys do with the podcast! AH captures the very soul of FT in my humble opinion. Thanks for the new products info.

And congrats to Andre for finally flyng his shelf queen warbirds in the last month.
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andre on October 18, 2016
Almost ready for the last 2 warbirds. Just got some new props for the Corsair ;) And then I hope to fly the P-40 and Spitfire again before winter.
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F106DeltaDart on October 18, 2016
Great Podcast! Hopefully better luck with the Corsair on the next flight. Also, Andre, the stock Durafly P-51 Frankie can be flown stock on 4S, if you minimize time at full throttle. The stock ESC is 35A, peak amperage on 4S is only around 40A :). Also, if you guys are looking for a really nice flying EDF, take a look at the Freewing 80mm F-86. Yes it's big, heavy, and 6S, but it is the single best flying warbird I've ever owned!
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andre on October 18, 2016
Just looked at the F-86. Damn! That is beautiful.
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F106DeltaDart on October 18, 2016
The way it looks is nothing compared to how flies! That airplane opened the gate to EDFs for me. My latest is the twin 80mm F-14 Tomcat. Just be aware that the F-86 needs a runway or very short grass to take off. I flew mine from a grass field for a while, but I could only fly the day after the grass was cut..
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andre on October 18, 2016
I've always wanted a Vampire.
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F106DeltaDart on October 18, 2016
The Durafly is still around, but it could use a bit more power.. Maybe drop in a nice 12 blade setup? The 90mm Ready2Fly Venom is also fantastic, but pricey.
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RPGough on October 23, 2016
Congrats Andre! Do you guys know about http://www.healthydrones.com You need to download your flight logs then upload them to their site. It gives lots of useful information on things. You can even upload from the dji app. Once you get your flight log in healthy drones, you can click to download the kml and look at your 3d flight path in Google Earth.
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andre on October 24, 2016
I saw a Blade Theory in person day. Well in a display shelf.
Would be neat to fly one for sure.
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129 Phantom menace