137 Cavity search

by FliteTest | January 8, 2017 | (2 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts

The first podcast of 2017 brings Chris,Mike,Andre and David from the FTAfterhours back for a fun,crazy,no agenda,bench flying session that is sure to give you a couple of laughs. Thanks for listening

David Windestal's giant FPV ship

What Mike calls his devil Plane, the J3 Cub coming in for a crash landing into the Tundra

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red five fpv on January 10, 2017
David you have to make a 3 inch micro tricopter.
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VincekiTheAirplaneFan on January 13, 2017
Hey David and the others from the FTAH crew, at my flying field almost all members fly that kind of gliders. It's a really popular kind of rc flying here in the Netherlands. (If Flite Test wants info on these big-scale gliders you can contact me) On my first day there they let me fly one (I had only flown a hobbyzone duet before...). I flew it for like 5 minutes or so and I asked "How much does such glider cost...?" David: I know what you felt while flying that glider.
(And yes, the competion you were talking about is indeed f3j.)
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TurboNinjaStix on January 22, 2017
Cavity Search was pretty funny! 😆 Firecracker stories....who doesn't have them, right? Hey Chris, btw, I gotta twll ya I just bought one of those cheap $20 VR goggles (Shinecon 3D VR) and downloaded Litchi for my Phantom 3 Pro. There is a FPV VR mode that you can use. So I first open DJI Go on my phone, connect and power on everything like normal, then put my phone into the goggles, close the Go app, open Litchi, press the little goggle icon (top right on main screen), and bam, Phantom FPV with a twist... you have headtracking! You can look straight forward and down with the goggles, and the camera moves as you move. You can also program your C1 and C2 buttons if you want to toggle the map or the Litchi screen. The only thing is that you have to open the goggles to touch your phone screen for those types of functions. I just tried it but haven't flown it yet. Thought you may be interested. Litchi is $23 and you can get goggles for $15 - $70. Mine were $25. As for paint schemes, they can be a dealbreaker for me as well! I really love the Flyzone Beaver's paint. Then I realized it was kinda Harley Davidson. Maybe they did that on purpose? Same with Timber: It really is the plane I should buy next but I, like you, think the graphics are blah. But now, if their new Cessna has fliats available, maybe I'll get that 😏Thanks for a great podcast!
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FliteTest on January 23, 2017
thanks for all that info-Chris
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wanabeRCexpert on January 25, 2017
I got stuff that fly's for Christmas! DXe and viking model 12!
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