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by FliteTest | September 17, 2012 | (50) Posted in Reviews

More information about the Bixler 2: AVAILABLE HERE

The original EPO Foam flyer, The Bixler, has a new brother... The Bixler 2! Featuring a larger wingspan and longer body, optional flaps which are pre-hinged, a slight design update and more! 

Starting with the obvious, the a clear canopy. I updated design option which could be removed to place a FPV camera setup.

The battery compartment now features 'cheeks' to help hold the battery in place.

Also, the air inlets have been enlarged and addition intake holes on the bottom. 

The bottom also features a skid plates under the nose and the tail of the plane. The color design print is now a decal instead of the original which featured a sticker.

One big update is the flaps, the Bixler 2 now features flaps! However, you will need to purchase additional servos. The hardware for the flaps come with the plane, things like the control horns and push rods but the servos you'll need to purchase separately. We'd recommend getting servo reverser.

The Bixler 2  offers a larger more durable carbon spar running through it as well.

The wings now feature a reinforcement with two screw-tighteners which lock the wings on.  An upgrade from the original Bixler which had problems with the wings becoming flimsy and loose after use. You will also want to get some servo extension wires to help wiring your servos around these new wing screw rods.   

Also, you'll need your own speed control, your own battery, and your own receiver. 

The motor is different, it's a 1400kv swinging a 7" prop. The original Bixler had a 6" prop on a 2200kv motor.  So, the Bixler 2 is moving a larger prop at a lower KV which means it will offer more flight time, but the speed and the climb isn't as good as the original Bixler.

The new design of the Bixler 2 offers a great foam flyer for fpv and advanced FPV setups with it's broad wingspan and solid construction.  The aerobatics are improved with this new design, offering great inverted flight capabilities. 

The Bixler 2 isn't a replacement for the Bixler 1, but it is an updated version that offers some new RC flying options.  A great plane for a trainer and a great price for anyone looking for a solid foam flyer.

More information about the Bixler 2: AVAILABLE HERE

More information about the Bixler 2: AVAILABLE HERE


Benn Gunn on September 30, 2012
great stuff as always ... i just bought a crashed bixler one ... wife thinks i have lost my mind
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ilium007 on December 30, 2012
Can someone please recommend a Hobby King NTM motor that will spin an 8x6 prop on this plane ? Cheers !
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mountaindewdude76 on September 20, 2012
It looks like a very good plane. I want to get a pair of these for my wife and I. She's beginning to express an interest in rc flying and something as docile as this may be a good way to start for her.
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Nitro Nico on October 25, 2012
Can some one help me? I am trying to find which plane is better this or the Dynamic-s I have some skill... Thanks-Nico
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liveyourdreamsRC on January 17, 2013
The Bixler is good for training gliding, and some FPV if you alter it enough (you will have the nose in the shot though). The dynamic S counters the Bixler 2 with hotliner speed but still able to hold a glide. I think a main factor to consider is how you want to use you're aircraft. The Bixler 1 is good to because it is able to do all three but there are more quality issues with this aircraft. Hope it helps!
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motoringmaniac on September 18, 2012
great review. I've been waiting a long time for it lol. Bought the Bixler 2 as soon as it became available so ive been flying it for a while now and loving every minute of it. Funny thing is that I have been flying off and on for several years but my dad and I have never had much luck flying. There is a joke going in the family to that effect as he and my grandfather never had much luck either. This changed with the bixler 2. It has allowed us to gain our wings and finally brake the curse lol. Here's to father/son time
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Trondareo on September 18, 2012
To Josh Scott, there is actually a rc glider called the Scott Viking, but I am sorry to say its only a one-off built by an Italian.
You guys should make a Scott rc plane with mustash, spats, guns, butterfly tail and all the other cool stuff Josh S has been cheering for during the programs.
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motoringmaniac on September 19, 2012
and put a squirrel in it
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tramsgar on September 18, 2012
Finally, a plane review after almost months! A great fix for us who came here in the old days! =)

Very nice to see a balanced review also. Keep it up!
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quadman on September 17, 2012
jb you are mad just like me . im going to get the bixler 2 . keep up the good work guys
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blaser on September 18, 2012
I have not post much any were but flight test is responsible for getting me in to flying RC about 5 months ago I have scratch built like 7 planes and crashed all of them but they cost something like 5$ to build. I am glad to say 'm crashing much less often and get real good at repairing them, thanks to you guys.. love your channel hope you get a great sponsor soon. This form of advertizing work because I never herd of Hobby King before you guys. Now I have spent a lot of money on scratch supply's form them. And I just ordered the kit Bixler 2 so I can build it my self and do a motor up grade.
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Flightdeck on October 10, 2012
Thank you guys for continuing to do what you do. I always look forward to new episodes especially reviewing new planes. I just received my Bixler2 order yesterday and looking forward to my first flight with it. I would like to try to program this plane with my DX8 for Camber, Crow etc. It will be for practice purposes before buying Radian Pro. Any feedback how to do that would be great.
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House Of Noob on September 25, 2012
Now I have to change my wish list ...
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dhdsracer on September 17, 2012
Classic Flitetest. Thanks for taking the time to entertain and educate guys!
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Chris on October 30, 2012
I've just recently received my Bixler 2 and have been progressing through a full FPV build.

hope you guys like it :)
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808aerosquadron on September 18, 2012
Great review. Thanks for the comparison between the Bixler Mk I and Bixler Mk II. I learned to fly on a Bixler Mk I and am still enjoying flying it as the Mk I is a great plane. Keep up the good work and keep those plane reviews coming.
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Edu on September 19, 2012
Really nice production.
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btallis on September 18, 2012
Thanks FliteTest for another awesome review!

You mentioned that the 1300kv motor was a bit underpowered. Is it easy to swap out the 1300kv with something a bit more powerful? Or would you have to do some major surgery to the motor area?
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JimCR120 on September 17, 2012
I wish I had the time to be building and flying again. At least I have you guys to keep me tuned in.

The content and delivery are as rich as ever.

Now back to my homework (college algebra/calculus). See you around my brothers.
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stevevm on February 28, 2013
I've managed to wreck my wing screws. Does anyone have a suggestion for replacements? I've seen mention of forcing a larger screw in the hole to retap it, or possibly replacing with pins.
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lordst2 on August 23, 2013
I had a weird thought about this plane. One thing that makes the HZ Super Cub such a great starter plane is that it has a float option. I have a couple of friends who have still love their Cubs with floats, and I loved mine right up to the day when...ehh...anyway I loved it. My weird thought was what it would take to add floats to a Bixler 2? Would my old Super Cub floats work or would they be the wrong size? I'd love to give this a shot, but before I do I thought I'd see if it's just a bad idea all around for a plane of this style. Thoughts?
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aurc on February 28, 2014
I have seen it done......... Very strange looking:)
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the vicar on June 15, 2014
My Bixler2's maiden flight was spoilt by a 60 ft tree running out in front of it causing it to crash. However during construction the wing screws did not line up. After repairing small scratches with tape I straightened the wings and both screws tightened up first time. So if you have trouble with you wings crash! Worked for me.
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rnorth on July 4, 2019
I have been reading about how some guys are moving the elevator and rudder servos to the back of the plane. Do you feel this is a necessary or good thing to do? If so, can you point me to a thread....showing how to do this.....Thanks Richard
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Bixler 2