Blender Plane

by FliteTest | June 11, 2012 | (31 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

In the "Will it Blend" episode Josh and Josh built a special plane just to carry a blender. 

We got so many questions about the plane itself, we decided to review it. So watch this episode as we dig deeper into the Blender Plane and find out what makes it tick, uh, er... blend.

Just in case you missed the original episode, here's the link...

And the dimensions:
blender biplane.pdf


jamiedco on June 12, 2012
for the removable wing . why not use a up scale slot and secure system somewhat like the nutball and funbat . and attach the bottom wing using this and the top wing being fixed to the bottom.
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earthsciteach on June 12, 2012
When I first saw the "Will it Blend?" episode, I wasn't crazy about the looks of the plane, but it has really grown on me! Heck, I'd even build one. I can see it being a very nicely flying airplane with a bit more wingspan, a simple Clark Y and by lengthening the fuse just a bit.

I really like the way you made the wing struts - cut a rectangular hole in a sheet of insulation. Sweet and simple!

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snail on June 11, 2012
Along with the plans, I think it's important that there are receipes shared for the in flight blending. Nothing like a well blended smoothie to relax with after a flight.
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alstein on June 11, 2012
Great! I will be nice to have if not PLANS at least a sketch with some data so We can make our Blender atempts for ourselves with some personalitation.
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buddy on June 18, 2012
Try making a triplane version

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Winger on June 20, 2012
I HAVE to build one of these - got the measurements OK, but would like to know how far apart are the wing struts. If it's not known, I'm sure TLAR would be fine, just asking.
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jelofson on June 11, 2012
Love that crazy big plane. Looking forward to some plans! Thanks for all you do!
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buddy on June 18, 2012
Cool plane how much does it weigh? Try going inverted with it
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JohnnyFun on June 14, 2012
Chad I think Lil Josh should have tried flying that one. I like seeing his progress since I am at the same level and seeing someone like myself lets me connect with the group. Easy to find good stick jockies like Mountain Dew Josh who make it look so easy. Great job, Great Camera work, pro all the way as always. best site on the web for sure
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stonekap on June 20, 2012
This is a big plane. I was even afraid to fly it :[
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Flying Fox on August 26, 2014
I would kill trying to take off.
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jetpackninja on June 13, 2012
It flies- But does it fly well?
The roll rate appeared to be really slow. Maybe larger aileron surfaces would help it?
Will it fly inverted?
Maybe use fanfold and a kf airfoil?
Wondering if it's too big to do an armin-style wing?
It looks awesome and can't wait to see what the plans evolve into.
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Willem on June 18, 2012
Hello flight test from the UK!
I saw the video and fell in love with this plane so please please can you post the plans.
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Winger on June 20, 2012
Willem, scroll up. There's a link to a PDF just above the spec listing. The plans are laid out full size.
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thercmaster on July 3, 2012
wow it flew great and did basic aerobatics
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Winger on June 11, 2012
Yes, plans PLEASE. Airfoiled wings with 2 layers of fan fold foam would be easy to do and be about the same weight as the 1/2 pink foam in this plane. This one looks like FUN.
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Gart on June 12, 2012
Fun is the key, i learn that before, but good to remember :)
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walt.p on June 11, 2012
Thanks for using my comments about your show and involving me in your video reveiw. I do however wish you would have read the intire comment going on to say how much i enjoy of all your stuff.It kind of made me look like i didn't enjoy "flitetest". I have watched everything you have made that i can find and on the most part enjoyed it all. Keep all the videos coming its all very entertaining....that catoon plane is real cool, now i would like to see more on that build..minus the blender..later guys..diveplane
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stonekap on June 11, 2012
Sorry… we didn't mean to make you look bad in any way. We just wanted to address the objection to our unconventional approach to that episode.
We are glad to have you as a dedicated viewer and we certainly don't expect you to like everything we do.

Kind regards,
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maxsmodels on October 24, 2014
It look like the prototype Grumman AgCat which is currently in the Agricultural museum in Jackson, MS.
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