Cheap (Free!) GoPro mount for your Quad

by btallis | October 7, 2012 | (11) Posted in Tips

Here is a quick video tip on how to mount your GoPro to your quad using the free "display plate" that comes on the box when you get a GoPro.  

I was trying to find a good method on mounting my GoPro to my quad without having to build an extra camera plate, mounting plate, etc., but that would allow me to take the camera off for other uses.  Then it popped into my head that I could use the display plate that came with the camera.  With just a couple of holes drilled through the plastic plate, I was up and running with a nice, cheap, camera mount.

The other nice thing about this plate is that it protects your control board (I forgot to mention this in the video).

PS.  I guess the plate technically isn't "free", as you have to buy the GoPro to get it, but at least it's not an extra accessory that you would have to purchase.


colorex on October 8, 2012
HA! Awesome idea, is the display plate as good a mount as the other mounts? Or is it of a lesser quality?
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rcjoseb on October 8, 2012
I used the same exact setup on my FR4 multirotor when i first setup the GoPro but did not like that the GoPro lens was slightly off of center. One arm appeared in the video more than the other. I took a piece of FR4 (garolite) and cut it the same size as the mount that came in the box and used one of the 3M sticky mounts that came in the box but stuck it on off center. Now camera lens is centered.

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btallis on October 8, 2012

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the mount is as good as the other mounts. That's what is so cool about it!
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Cheap (Free!) GoPro mount for your Quad