DIY tailless wing (Zephyr clone)

by AirViking | July 15, 2012 | (16) Posted in Projects

This is my scratchbuild of a Ritewing Zephyr alike tailless aircraft for areial photo.

Root chord : 37 cm
Tip chord: 24 cm (inncl aileron - 18,5 without)
Wingspan: 172 cm
Blunt section : 28 cm wide
Sweep: 30 degrees

CG Calculation:

Norwegian video of the making of the wing cores:

You wont get the oral explanation, but it shows how to make the wings.



John Mangiameli on July 16, 2012
That was one intense launching technique, Bud. Nice work.
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AirViking on July 16, 2012
Yupp - but it is the only way to launch it alone. Just try tossing 3 kilos over your head, and find the way back to the radio before it starts plowing earth ;-)

PS !!! It is also the safest way to launch - you dont want that propeller cutting your fingers.
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KaptenKlister on August 17, 2012
Looks like an awsome build, how are the stall characteristics?
This will probably be my next build!
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scbackyardflyer on July 16, 2012
At :48 did he say that each wing has a turkey-seven inch wing chord? Just kidding. I just finished a similar build out of bluecore foam that has a 42 inch wingspan, weighs in at 24 oz. It flies awesome. Great video!! Keep it up!
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AirViking on July 16, 2012
I will put a Turkey on it..... for Christmas. And I am NOT kidding ;-)

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Norway_Ulrik on July 16, 2012
See the fowl flyer :-)
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AirViking on August 25, 2012
KaptenKlister: What should I answer.... Like all planes i will stall, and I have not collected data for how low sped I can do with max up angle. Will look trough the GPS data.

However it flies extrodinary stable. I will update the article with raw GoPro footage - absolutly unstabilized from my channel.
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AirViking on July 16, 2012
The Airfoil can be found at copy and paste in your browser - and remember to rate if you found it interessting.

CG is calculated INNCLUSIVE the ailerons.
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bmsweb on July 16, 2012
Loved everything about your video . . . including the landing!! Nice work
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DIY tailless wing (Zephyr clone)