FPV with surprise ending

by StoneBlueAirlines | December 3, 2012 | (7) Posted in Just Fun

When your testing out a new plane or setup you just never know how things are going to go. My first flight of the Specter ended with a surprise. You never know when something is going to fail on you and this time the speed controler died up in the air. I now have a very nice one that is over rated for this plane. I was able to find it in the woods once I had sunlight back. Looked for it over an hour after the crash then had to come back the next day to find about 25 feet off the ground in a tree.

The Specter is made my iBcrazy and really a smooth flying plane. Check me out on youtube stoneblueairlines for more from this plane.


Thanks for watching.


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FPV with surprise ending