Flite Test - Helimax 1SQ REVIEW

by FliteTest | October 1, 2012 | (46 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

It's the tiniest quad we've ever reviewed! It's so small, it's even smaller than something slightly bigger!

The Heli-Max 1SQ comes in a Ready to Fly package with its own transmitter, or you can get the Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) version and hook it up to your own using the AnyLink. 

The charger is also tiny, a small USB charger that you can hook up to any USB port. 

The 1SQ has a Triple Axis Gyro System, or 'TAGS' for short. With this, the 1SQ is amazingly stable. The gyros help the copter know where it is in the air so it can correct itself for a smooth flight, indoors and outdoors.

The battery is a 250 milliamp 1 cell battery.

You can set dual rates on the included transmitter. High rates will give you more control authority but makes the copter very touchy. Or, you can dial it down to low rates for a smoother, slower flight. the controller setup makes it easy to set your dual rates the way you want.

The 1SQ is also very durable. You can smack it into a wall, person, or bear and chances are it will be fine. Just pick it back up and fly again, like nothing ever happened.

The 1SQ will be released soon, so be sure to get yours!

Find out more about the Heli-Max 1SQ on their website:


curound on October 2, 2012
Good review Josh & Josh. Looks like a lot of fun! Have they decided on a price for that lil unit yet?
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kalikraven on October 8, 2012
A lot more affordable than what I was thinking. Great review.
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1aalbes1 on October 2, 2012
i have a mini beetle that looks kind of simeler to that one ,
its very stable and you can do a flip whitout hurting it , even whit less skills like me ... it is just fun
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Ranger71d on October 3, 2012
Fun review. Probably going to get this one for my son's first rotor being rc model.
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Pauloar on October 3, 2012
Really Nice,
When It will be released and it can be found in Germany?
Thanks for this!
Brazilians Greetings from cold Germany!
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FlyingDoctor on October 1, 2012
You guys are great! Some pretty funny stuff going on in this episode! This was a nice, quick, and informative review too! The performance on that thing really surprised me for being so small. My RC budget needs to get a little bit bigger when this one comes out!
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House Of Noob on October 1, 2012
You need more of them if you are going to rule the world!


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jeremy on October 2, 2012
Was just on tower hobby and they are 79 radio ready and 99 with the radio. great price for that little thing.
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liveyourdreamsRC on October 26, 2012
This looks like one of the most fun, tiniest quads around! 5 stars!
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bagsy31 on October 3, 2012
I wonder how this compares to the E-Flite Blade mQX mini quad? What do others think....
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Cyberdactyl on October 3, 2012
I can't find any price point on these. I'm guessing the package will be in the $120 ballpark?
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tramsgar on October 2, 2012
Nice little thingy! Great outdoors piloting also. Should you be a lesser pilot than Bixler, be prepared to catch it with your face. So how much was it?
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