Fowl Flyer - FPV Swappable

by FliteTest | November 19, 2012 | (35) Posted in Reviews

You've been asking for an FPV swappable fuselage, so we thought we'd bring back the Fowl Flyer! 

A smaller foam board version of the original and this RC flyer is designed to fit with your swappable fuselage


This scratch built Fowl Flyer swappable is designed to be a cargo plane that can be setup for storing all kinds of stuff! Long range FPV, candy drops and anything else you'd like to store in this large storage space in the fuselage.

Designed with easy access to your GoPro or FPV camera of choice with a nose that can open.

In high wind, you'll get thrown around in the air, but it's a fun airplane to fly.

This Fowl Flyer can do aerobatics, the roll rate is great!  Easy to fly, bank and yank.

It doesn't take much power to fly this airplane.   

We'll have a full build for this FPV swappable scratch build! stay tuned for that!

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There's MORE photos at in the forum post, click the 'Join the Discussion' link below to check them out!


Mirabile Visu on November 21, 2012
Can't wait to build it. Liked the inverted at the end!
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tramsgar on November 20, 2012
The "FT Wobbler" would be fitting =). Great piloting by Bixler, as usual, that was a scary landing! Oh, and when you say "easy to fly", why not give the controls to Scott to prove it?
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liveyourdreamsRC on November 20, 2012
When is the Build video coming? I loved this it is perfect for what I want and also a swappable! Great 5 stars! How many batteries can you fit in the bay? Looks like a lot
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ABQ Bobcat on November 19, 2012
Interesting idea but I wonder why would anyone want an unstable FPV platform? Gotta be rough to fly on any day except dead calm...
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MarioV on November 19, 2012
Can you put the Plans please??These is a great proyect for cargo and FPV. And what material did you use !
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cwozny on November 19, 2012
Do the open sides of the airfoil cause sideslip when rolling or instability in the wind? I'd be curious to hear someone's thoughts on this who is more educated in aerodynamics than myself.
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jordster1998 on November 22, 2012
what size prop are you guys running on that ntm
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FarmStormer on November 19, 2012
I liked the big one so I want to build this one.
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EDDF1961 on January 3, 2013
Hi, anyone out there has build this plane?, because i have already finished and I realized that need quite a bit of weigh at the nose to be balanced.
I have already installed a Lipo Battery of 1800mAh with 145 gr weight and still some more is needed to have this bird in balance.
Any idea how much weight is necessary?
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Sleigh1602 on June 16, 2013
Every episode josh Scott should fly a plane the bixler
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Fowl Flyer - FPV Swappable