Futaba T8FG Super

by FliteTest | September 24, 2012 | (31) Posted in Reviews

The Futaba T8FG Super transmitter is here, and it is super! It's been upgraded with more channels, gyro menu support, Custom VPP (Variable Pitch Propeller) settings and more!

First things first, read the manual and the supplemental.  This will give you a great start in understanding how the Futaba Super 8 works. 

The Futaba Super 8 has been upgraded with 14 total transmitter channels, which allow for some very advance radio controls!  This is a very robust transmitter. Every switch, every control input in customizable.

The Super 8 features some key features like the two different advanced timers, which can be assigned to things like throttle.  Which is a really nice option for motor glider setups where you want to time your flights based on your throttle use.

Continued from the original 8FG, The SensorTouchmenu wheel, which optimizes your menu navigation and programming. The touch scrolling operation is accurate and easy to operate. Options on the wheel are Linkage Menu, System Menu,  Model Menu, and S1 Menu.

The Linkage Menu will allows you to customize anything that goes into your aircraft, things like servos, frequency, throttle cut, sub-trim, etc.

The Model Menu offers settings for your flying 'experience', servo monitor, dual rates, programmed mixes, etc.

System Menu, you will find trainer display, alerts, hardware set, etc.

S1 Menu is your custom user menu!  This menu will allow you to customize what control options you want in a menu.  Example would be, setting the Model Selection, Dual Rate, Sub-Trim, and Function all in one menu.

The only downside would be the dual rates settings, they sometimes seem to need to be 'tricked' to work the way you want for certain setups.  Also, the T8GF Super doesn't have telemetry. 

Futaba has come a long way since it's early transmitters!

All in all this is an amazingly advanced transmitter.  Once you spend time to read the manual, and understand the controls, the Super 8 can fly just about anything!  The great thing about this controller is how everything can be assigned and adjusted to your personal flying preference. 

The Transmitter comes with:
 - 7.2v 1700Ah NiMH Battery
 - R6208 SB 8 Ch. Receiver (SBUS)
 - Data Port Plug
 - Neck Strap

We would like to thanks you, the viewers, for getting this Futaba 8FG Super review on Flite Test! 

Thanks to Hobbico for sending this transmitter out for us to review!

More info on the Futaba T8FG Super Transmitter - CLICK HERE
Futaba Supplement manual:


LanMark on September 25, 2012
I have the 8FG as well and really have loved it. I had thought about getting the cheap Turigy 9x but after all of the mods that I would want to do like backlight, spread sprectrum 2.4Ghz and stuff.. there wasn't all that much of a price difference.. well there was but personally I perfer to spend once then twice. I have been very impressed with the flexibility. Easy enough for a novice like me but the features a pro would want. I picked up a 14 channel FASST receiver for my second quadcopter and its so nice having so many channels to play with.
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House Of Noob on September 25, 2012
I love an honest review!

Looks like a well thought out receiver. Can you expand on some follow-on issues for us? For example, I'm running a DX6 with a number of HK orange receivers. Is there a transition plan? Or are other receivers compatible? Is there computer (USB) connectivity? How is it in the sun? Stuff like that.
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House Of Noob on September 25, 2012
FYI - I ask because I am in the market for a second radio.
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rcfreedy on September 25, 2012
Right after you made me love this transmitter (a transmitter that can be used without reading the manual can't be good ;-) ) I just figured that my local hobby shop has a version that includes telemetry, in the features it says "FASSTest Telemetry-Receiver", and it doesn't seem much more expensive than yours. Maybe there are different versions available?
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LanMark on September 25, 2012
Not sure why telemetry can't be a add on device.. telem require receiving while this transmitter is just that a transmitter not a trancever. To support receiving you would need another radio and I would much rather get my telem as a seperate device.. plus with a HAM license I would probably want 433MHz instead of higher frequency ones. I just don't get why you would want that built in.
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tramsgar on September 25, 2012
Thorough enough, seems like good stuff. Thanks!

(And according to Wikipedia, Hugh can only hold seven models at once. Respectable, but far less.)
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gmena on September 25, 2012
Great review - I have the FG8 Monitor with the upgrades. Love this radio, have never had a problem with it's performance. I have crashed but do to my error not the radio.
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DavTix on September 24, 2013
Hi, I am new to the rc plane world, and was wondering if any budy knows of a good cheep biginers transmitter?
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Futaba T8FG Super