HK Quad Controller Programming

by FliteTest | June 6, 2012 | (20) Posted in Tips

In this episode of Flite Test Josh Bixler walks us through, step by step, on how to program your HK Quad Controller. We hope this helps take the intimidation out of setting up multi-rotors.

Parts List:

USBasp (Programming Card)

Controller Board:

Author of the flash tool:


A related video by LazyZero:

This video shows how to use the "offline" capabilities of the KKmulticopter Flash Tool. This feature is included since version 0.17.For more information visit:


Aditya Gupta on June 7, 2012
can you please tell us how to flash this with airplane software?
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rameshtahlan on July 3, 2012
I have the hobbyking V3.0 i have loaded the driver... after unziping the software for Flash Tool... when i double click on kkMulticopterFlashTool.cmd i get a black screen with about 5 lines of test and the last one says - press any key to continue... so when i press any key... the black window vanishes and nothing happens after that.... i was expecting the window to open with which i can flash the controller to change it from + to x configuration.... the drive is loaded cause the icon for USBasp shows without the yellow triangle.... pl help
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House Of Noob on June 6, 2012
What about multi-rotor airplanes like the C7 or DC3 or Ford Tri-motor? Would this be a good solution for these systems?

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tophe75 on June 6, 2012
I am still laughing about kapteinkuk (in english: captin dick)

But great info about programing, keep it up.
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RobMackenzie on July 23, 2012
I have the same as issue that "Rameshtahlan" reported 20 days ago...any ideas on a solution?
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flyhigh on September 26, 2012
hi, i had the same problem and i seeked help and found this

just follow the instruktions and it should work
it did with mine anyway :P
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Skydive4ever on June 6, 2012
Hahaha, you guys must be reading my mind, I just finished my quad in + config, and possibly change it to X latter and/or build a tri, this will help greatly. Thanks for the info Josh B. and thank for posting Chad :-)
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Mirabile Visu on June 8, 2012
So very complicated, and I could never have done that on my own in a million years. With the nice simple explanation by Josh, I reckon I can do this. I'll give it a go.....

Keep up the great work. The only trouble I have is the amount of money I'm spending at Hobby King after your programmes!


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LazyZero on June 6, 2012
Nice to see my homepage in your video. Could you please reference to the homepage of the flashtool author instead to

Also like to ask if I can use your video to improve my tutorial section?

The author of the flashtool


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FliteTest on June 6, 2012
I just added the link. You can use our video however you like :)
We have one more video coming that goes through the physical setup as well.
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yeojalviz1981 on March 10, 2013
Hi Josh, which firmware did you used in the quad setup video? Xcopter V4.7 KK by kaptainkuk or XXcontrol KR V2.5 Xcopter, the last firmware mentioned was the V2.5, my control board just arrived and this is the first time i am going to flash it with Xcopter setup. thanks
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yeojalviz1981 on March 11, 2013
i cannot install the flashtool, it requires java 6 or higher, anybody encounter the same problem? please provide the link on how to install the correct java requirement...thanks
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senoJ sirhC on August 1, 2013
i am having trouble flashing my v3 board, it keeps saying "error during setting the fuses"
can anyone help?
P.S. i dont have the programming card shown in the video, i have the 9xr usbasp programmer with the updated firmware
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HK Quad Controller Programming