HK Quad Controller Setup

by FliteTest | June 7, 2012 | (25) Posted in Tips

In this episode of Flite Test, we follow up with Josh Bixler as he shows us how to install the HK Quad Board, that we previously programmed, into a copter!

Parts We Used: 

Controller Board:





USBasp (Programming Card)


plug2012 on June 27, 2012
Hi Josh,
I Am Using Firmware Controller V4_7_X_M168_M328Hex
My Motors Are Top Left M1 Bottom Left M2 Top Right M3 Bottom Right M4.
When You Do The Stick Centring,My Light Don't Flash Ever + Or - At Pot Setting.
Any Idea Why ? And My Movement Forward Back Left Right Are Ok ,But When I Go Rudder It wobbles Like Crazy.
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cwozny on July 15, 2012
V4.7 by KapteinKuk doesn't have stick centering :/
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edanC on July 6, 2012
Josh, great videos. Followed the videos, but in trying to use the TX throttle to set the ESCs is where I am failing. I get the beeps as you do, but moving the trottle doesn't result in the confirmation beeps. Any idea as to what could be the cause? I followed everything exactly. I have an older 7 channel TX/RX with the Turnigy 9x coming. Connecting just one esc + motor to the RX works. Wondering if it could be a faulty board. Flashed it as you did in your first video and it completed successfully. Thanks for any reply.
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Arno1978 on June 7, 2012
Now I can't wait to get started on my own build. Thanks for a ll the safety tips. Could you maybe also just post a link to the props used for this build. Thanks for an awesome article.
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Luis Gustavo on July 29, 2012
Hi Josh, I need your help! After watching you videos on setting up a KK board I got an X666 quad from HK with the KK board V3. Now, I have done all the steps according to your videos and everything work out up to the point were you return the yaw pot back to 50% after calibrating the ESCs, after returning my yaw pot back to 50% I powered up the quad and got no response from the motors, they all keep beeping very low and the light on the KK board stays off. If I do return the yaw pot back to zero and power up the quad than I do get response from motors, but no spool ups from any of them to compensate.
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CanadianAirrRc on September 9, 2012
I am having the same problem! how did you fix yours
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foamwingnut on June 10, 2012
That was the most informative episode yet, nicely done! I too have been waiting to get this project going. Now, I have a great resource.
Thanks again
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planenuts on June 8, 2012
Great josh it was a big help . i was having problems before i watched the no problems . good idea not to put the props on , i found out the hard way and have a scar to prove it ( 3 stitches at hospital )
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Winston on June 8, 2012
Very informative.
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yeojalviz1981 on March 10, 2013
Hi Josh, which firmware did you used? Xcopter V4.7 KK by kaptainkuk or XXcontrol KR V2.5 Xcopter, the last firmware mentioned was the V2.5, my control board just arrived and this is the first time i am going to flash it with Xcopter setup. thanks
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Edvark on July 5, 2013
Hi Josh ~ Great video as always ! My quad is now dialled in and flying great ~ thanks !

Moving on to tricopters have you ( or any of your many followers ) tried building and flying one yet successfully with no servo on the tail for yaw control ? I just need to know if it will fly on cyclic controls only as I want to keep the weight down and not worried about having no yaw control. Thanks again Josh. Keep 'em coming for us noobie do's ! Lol !
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Ryth on June 13, 2014
josh, i would like u to give a tutorial on trimming down the throws and reversing...
basically all digital stting in the transmitter.
my ts6i 's manual is rubbish

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hotroder69 on July 29, 2014
Thanks Josh, for making another great video. It's fun to learn from somebody that has the passion that you bring to the hobby.
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HK Quad Controller Setup