Hanging Airplanes

by FliteTest | October 3, 2012 | (39) Posted in Tips

Many viewers ask us how we hang our planes. In this Fast Tip, Chad and Josh share some cheap and easy tricks you can do to safely store your RC airplane.

Wire coat hangers! These things work great, and they are typically cheap (or free) in most cases. 

To cut the coat hanger, use the 'cutter' part on your pliers! 

Don't use Chad's wire cutters to cut coat hanger wire.

Running a wire loop around the wing spar is another great way to create a hanger mount.

Running the wire through solid parts of your RC plane is the best practice to ensure your plane doesn't fall or warm after a long time hanging.

Don't use rubber bands! After a few weeks, the rubber will dry rot and your plane will be on the floor. 


jeremy on October 4, 2012
Id like to see Josh's gas plane. Well at least i don't think its been on here yet.
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Geinstein on October 5, 2012
I have a dual railsystem on the wall. I use shelf-supports covered with insulationmaterial.
It's easy to adapt, really strong.

something like:
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ray2004 on October 4, 2012
I put a picture on Flitetest Facebook page showing some of my planes using 1" nylon straps hanging from eye hooks screwed into the ceiling. The straps go around the fuselage and work great.
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tramsgar on October 4, 2012
Beams and pipes in the ceiling also helps...
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Steve Bowman on October 9, 2012
Great ideals using hangers. I use string but I think I'll switch over using the latching system you showed.
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mauricio2346 on October 3, 2012
Hi guys. i used to hang my planes from its tail using some hemp string with a acuarium tubing to protect the balsa surfaces.
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Sixfifties on October 10, 2012
Nice information guys. I normally use string. or on my old glow models which are tyically heavier than these foam electrics I use a rack on the wall and seperate the wing from the fuselage. The foamies are easy to hang though.
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Manuel on October 4, 2012
I ran the string through the servo holes and firewall on my funfighter.
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Joker 53150 on October 4, 2012
If you get pants dry-cleaned they often come on wire hangers with a cardboard tube across the bottom (so the pants don't develop a crease when hung). I just run one of this style hangar across each wing and the plane rests on the cardboard. Works great!
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Kite2Kite on October 4, 2012
Usually I put a string with a loop around the prop saver or Motor and hang it to a nail in the wall
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House Of Noob on October 4, 2012
WE have a 20' ladder hung on the wall. As we use that once every couple of years it has been relegated to an airplane hanger. Just hang the wheels on the side and put in a spring clamp for safety and your done.
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Keaton Evans on August 7, 2016
I want to hang my apprentice but I am debating whether or not to hang it by the wings, as the wings are held on by rubber bands. I am thinking that after sometime the rubber bands will wear down. Any suggestions on another way to hang it?
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Hanging Airplanes