Mounting a KK2 multirotor controller or similiar controller

by rcjoseb | July 30, 2012 | (6) Posted in Tips

Previous KK boards, such as the KK Plus board that I show in this video, were mounted in a diamond shape pattern with one of the tips of the board facing forward.  Many new multirotor controllers, including the KK2 board from Hobby King, are mounted in a square pattern with one of the edges of the board facing forward.

This video shows how you can use a low cost, effective adapter plate made from glass fiber to mount the new type boards into a frame with holes that are already drilled for a diamond shaped mounted board.  The adapter plate I use in this video is available from but you can always make your own.  I also show how you can mount the adapter onto your multirotor with a tupperware type cover to protect the board.

Enjoy and I hope you learn something new!



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Mounting a KK2 multirotor controller or similiar c...