Onboard turbine jets down under!

by ben-ya-min | September 26, 2012 | (12) Posted in Just Fun

This is a short little video i made from Jet Action in Adelaide Australia which was on earlier in the year. 

The model is a CompARF Euro Sport powered by a JetCat p120 turbine flown by myself and my dad.

The small bits of Quad footage are from my old scratch build quad which had heaps of vibration issues and has now been 'retired'.

All video was captured with my GoPro's

Enjoy and Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more GoPro adventures!


tramsgar on September 27, 2012
Nice, beautiful landings! I really admire the skills of turbine pilots.
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ben-ya-min on September 27, 2012
Thanks mate! they sure are a lot of fun to fly and Dad and myself have got the landings pretty sorted. Mine was the first looking backwards at the wheels and dads was the second one looking forwards.
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Onboard turbine jets down under!