OrangeRx T-SIX vs. Spektrum DX6i

by mmerry2 | December 12, 2012 | (21 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

This is a quick video blog about a new product that HobbyKing just released. It’s DSM2 compatible transmitter.  It’s called an OrangeRX T-SIX.  This is just an initial comparison of some of the features differences I've noticed so far.

Please be sure to leave comments about your thoughts on this new radio. What are some of the differences you’ve noticed between these radios? Would you buy one over a DX6i?

T-SIX Manual:
DX6i Manual:

Product Pages
T-SIX Mode 1:
T-SIX Mode 2:


earthsciteach on December 13, 2012
Thanks for posting this.

Yes, I would buy the cheaper version over the DX6i. But, I'm a cheap bastard. Why would I pay more for the same capability? Um, I don't know, either.

Sure, you can argue customer support. So, are you telling me that you are paying more for a TX that you are planning on having a failure? Then, you will get a new TX that is equally likely to have a failure.

Who's replacing your planes when these fail? Silliness. In the end, I think I'll stick with my Turnigy 9x.
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Steve Bowman on December 12, 2012
I will check them both out, I can't see a reason to pay more for a radio that can do many of the same things. great price by Hobby King
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Benn Gunn on December 13, 2012
great as always... screen looks far better than my DS ... your right the colour is LOUD but i don’t stair longingly at the controller when flying...
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jordster1998 on December 12, 2012
straight away i huge difference is the price for tx and rx
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Fly'n-V on January 15, 2013
Thanks Mike! Great comparison. I was agonizing over which TX to go with and took a leap of faith with the ORX T-SIX. I've not had any issues with their RX's and figured the TX was a safe bet.
I didn't want to drop the $$$ on a DX6i and all the mods and flashing with Turnigy and others made me a little nervous. IMHO the ORX T-SIX is a great "Starter" transmitter.
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ipetepete on December 12, 2012
Very nice straight up comparison. I'm sure this would be ideal for a starter TX for anyone wanting to get into the hobby and the use of the many BNF aircraft available. Outwardly appearances could have been better designed IMHO. I've also heard mixed things about the line of Orange receivers and their reliability. But, I guess as they say, you get what you pay for (at least most of the time).
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Fly'n-V on January 21, 2013
Great Review! I don't own the DX6i but I just purchased the T-Six and love it!
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p3pillo on December 15, 2012
Excellent video, very complete your exposition, I like the spektrum radios but 69dls is a great price!

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808aerosquadron on January 4, 2013
Very nice comparative review - clear, concise & objective.
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fishmanpuffer on January 24, 2015
seems like the orange has more to it like the light back ground and lipo battery plug for it.
On my dx6i i broke my wheel and called horizon and ask them if they could send me a new one and they told me there was to many types of that wheels for my dx6i and I was to send my radio in and they would fix it. Well I did not want to spend 16.00 dollars shipping and have my radio gone for a few weeks during the fly season so I went on ebay and found medal replace wheels for like 8.00 and took only 4 days to get it.
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uberfist on August 1, 2016
This review is older, I would like to know about the longevity of this unit. is it still as good as the day you got it?
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Joseph S. on March 14, 2017
I wish they would come it with one of these that talks dsmx. They have dsmx recovers why can't they make a transmitter with that. That's one of the only reasons why I don't rush to buy one of these
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