Servo tester to keep in your fieldbox

by wongthomas | May 22, 2012 | (0) Posted in Projects

Hey Guys,

This is just at little tip, that I use. it is not something fancy, just a easy simple way to keep your tester and battery together


First your need a servo tester ;) (sorry but can't do magic)

Then you need some kind of battery, i use a 6v 2500 mah nimh


Some velcro to put on both the battery and tester.

A switch. You don't NEED NEED this, i just like it.


Then you need some zip tires MUST BE GREEN ;)


Then you just put it all together. and your done.



Hope you enjoyed this, and yes i know it is not rocket science


Flash1940 on May 29, 2012
I have two of about $6.00 and change. One for the for the flight box. will power up at the servo output side....hook your flight battery to your ESC and plug the throttle output lead to your tester's output & you can run your motor without your transmitter.

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Servo tester to keep in your fieldbox