The Hobby King Bonsai DLG Project

by DJO | May 8, 2012 | (7) Posted in Projects

The Hobby King Bonsai DLG is my version of HK's Bonsai flying wing, modified with no winglets, a SkyFun Jet tail fin, and no motor/ESC.

Flying wing kit (about $20):

Battery (about $5):

Receiver (about $5):

LED Voltage Indicator (about $2):

SkyFun Jet Vertical Stabilizer Set (about $5):


More videos on my channel... but all those should be good for now!


1. Install servos (5g or 9g) in the supplied cut-outs and connect the control rods.  Install the servos on the TOP of the wing to prevent the rods/linkages/horns from breaking when landing (AKA crashing).

2. Install the SkyFun jet tail fin and, (optional), put a spar on it to hold it in place and so that it doesn't wave around when launching or crashing.  Use foam-safe CA or low-temp hot glue.

3. Install the receiver (cover with duct tape if you want to fly in the snow).

4. Put the LED voltage indicator out on the top of the wing or the vertical stabilizer.

5. Plug in the battery to any open port on the RX.

6. Make a launch peg using a piece of carbon fiber or an old stiff antenna tube.  A small piece of R/C helicopter landing gear works well, also.

7. Use lots of glue to hold the launch peg in place.  CA or low-temp hot glue is great, along with duct tape around the peg to keep it there.

8. (Optional) Put tape along the edges of the front of the wing to keep from loosing pieces of foam.

9. Trim the Bonsai's elevator so that it has a small bit of "up" trim.

10.  When launching, swing around hard with constant acceleration and throw at about a 45 degree angle for best results and longest flight times.  You can also hold the Bonsai DLG not by the DLG launching peg, but with your two fingers with the wing in the middle - check out the last linked YouTube video to see what I mean, talk about quick acceleration!  Make sure not to throw it towards the ground!

11. Slope soaring can also be accomplished, but with a bigger hill than in my backyard.

12. Try catching the Bonsai to land - it's really sometimes a challenge.

AND DON'T HIT YOURSELF LIKE I DID IN THE VIDEO - LOL.  My hand hurt because it got pinched from my TX, just get out of the way!  The Bonsai DLG is great for landing in trees, too.  I've got it stuck just about everywhere (even on the roof of a house), but it always survived every crash and is a ton of fun to fly!

This is an amazing durable, fun to fly glider that is also easy to fly.  It is somewhat light and gives flight times of over 2 hours on the single 700 mAH 2S Li-Fe 6.6v pack.

I used duct tape to support the front end and also cover up the RX and electronics when flying/landing/crashing in snow and in wetter conditions.

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Happy building/flying!




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The Hobby King Bonsai DLG Project