The STING Ray Project

by MESA RC | October 31, 2012 | (21) Posted in Projects

To the FliteTest Community,

The students have begun work on the second wing of our creative grant project awarded to us three years ago.  Last year saw the rise of the Viking, there is links below to the Viking episodes, this year will be the soaring of the Sting Ray.  This video involves the students discussing the issues we had with the Viking in hopes to create a better version in the coming weeks. As of right now, there has been a lot of great comments on how to make the new wing that much better and the collaboration is going to make this plane have a lot of success. 

Viking Project:

Please watch, comment, and enjoy!

As always thank you for watching and supporting the MESArcFF crew,

Jake Marshall
MESArcFF Advisor/Director

MESArcFF Productions
Camera: Harrison
Editing: Zac
Director: Marshall



HoriAkuma on November 1, 2012
Not sure, because I've never done it, but with the control surfaces completely at the trailing edge of the plane, I wouldn't do flaps, I think that would be the same as the elevator moving down, causing the plane to nose dive. My recommendation would be to try spoilerons, where the entire ailerons both move up slightly, instead of a separate flap control surface.... Just my opinion... Maybe someone with more experience with this type of flying wing would know better.
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MESA RC on November 2, 2012
You know that is what we are gathering too. We were actually going to make the correction prior to flying it on Thursday and we are glad we didn't. I am getting mixed messages from comments on our YouTube channel and I am no expert, cannot decide, and after the plane flew great on Thursday with a decent landing without the flaps, we might just go ahead without it. If you come across something that says otherwise, you know where to shoot the information.

Thank you for the advice,

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jgupton on November 2, 2012
Don't know if you want your students to check out RCGroups, but I'd bet the info is out there.

Also, I'm an Industrial Arts/Math teacher in So Cal and would love to chat sometime about how you got your program going. Starting an electric guitar building club right now as a step towards as Mesa club/class, but would be real interested in creating a model airplane design/building club or class.
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MESA RC on November 2, 2012
Rcgroups is a monster site, and to middle schoolers, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We are working on it though, the plane flew great this Thursday and we might go ahead without the flaps. Until we get a legit source on this we will hang still on this concept.

As far as branching off with this MESA club, I am very interested, I have never come across another teacher with what I do that is interested in teaming up. I have a lot of ideas how this could look and would like to discuss this further in detail. email;

If you don't mind me asking what part of So Cal? I was born and raised in Santa Barbara county.

Thanks again for your interests and support,
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The STING Ray Project