The Sting Ray Project "Maiden"

by MESA RC | November 12, 2012 | (18) Posted in Projects

To the FliteTest Community,

The students of the MESA team figured the Sting Ray out this past week and were able to get the wing in the air to capture our first HD video of the area. We tried the cart idea first and it failed miserably, we tried different angles and still a no go. 

We reached out to the FliteTest and YouTube communities for the some advice on a few different categories;

  • Can we use a cart? We tried and failed, maybe we built it wrong, in any case it forced us to engineer landing gear that was lighter and easier to construct on the plane.
  • Can a wing have flaps? We got mixed results on this from both communities, and with that kind of equipment on the plane we decided not to risk it.  In the end it was a good choice because the plane flew great with a shorter runway and it didn't take much to land it either. The students did a great job with the modifications to this version of the wing, in the end it paid off and the plane flew with great success.

Next Steps:

Now that the Sting Ray is dialed in, the students will now get a crack at the wing via the FPV system.  We will be having the students fly the plane buddy linked by way of the screen.  It should be easier for them for it will be like a video game. See those videos in the coming weeks.  Next semester we would like to reach out to local groups in Loveland that is need of an aerial photography or video service.  Our first assigned gig is too take a picture of a rock crushing plant that covers a ton of acres, it should make for a great challenge for us.

As always, thank you for supporting the MESA rcFoam Fighters Program.

Jake Marshall

MESArcFF Advisor/Director

MESArcFF Productions:

Camera: Harrison

Editing: Zac and Joey

Director: Marshall


mavdad55 on October 24, 2013
Guys; GREAT job building and improving you plane. It looks great in flight and on the ground.
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The Sting Ray Project "Maiden"