Transmitter Modifications

by Doctor3 | July 18, 2012 | (10) Posted in Tips

I recently bought a 1.5W video transmitter. 

Although with larger transmitters the range is better they are heavier and mine in particular got very hot when stationary (not in flight).

The transmitter comes in a gold/orange case which acts as a heat-sink and protective cover. Weighing in at 1.5 ounces (43 grams) for just the outer casing. 

I simply unscrewed the outer casing, making sure the LED cover was retained.

This was then held in place with a tiny drop of Medium CA (super-glue).

I then bought one of these. ( a computer RAM heat-sink 35mm by 35mm by 14mm , as long as its something which can be cut easily - avoid cutting through a fin.) 

By cutting this using a table-top jigsaw i cut it into strips that suited the transmitters back. I then glued these on (thermal compound).

It now looks like thisThe total weight save is 1 ounce (28grams) and it stays much cooler. Plus with the blue makes it look snazzy . If your worried about voiding any sort of warranty then i wouldn't recommend this but it much better suits my H copter as there is less air flow then my old aeroplane it was mounted on.

Total cost £2.50 or around $4 for modifications

Hope this helps - Ed - Doctor3


colorex on July 18, 2012
Have you tried making custom antennas? They can vastly improve your range and image quality. Search Google for skewplanar and cloverleaf antennas.
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Doctor3 on July 19, 2012
Yes I have and I am currently working on one now :)
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Transmitter Modifications