XT60 to EC3 Battery Connection

by J-Rob | May 16, 2012 | (0) Posted in Tips

Hobbyking sells great Turnigy Batteries. They are low priced and as far as i could tell from my few uses of mine they have relatively good quality for the price. The one problem i have found is that they all come with XT60 discharge plugs. Unfortunately for me all of my planes use EC3 for connections. I did a little looking on Hobbyking and found a XT60 to EC3 connector. It changes the plug so it will work with your EC3 connections without having to worry about soldering. The part is called Female EC3 to Male XT60. It comes with 3 of the connectors.Female EC3 <-> Male XT60 (3pcs/bag)

ale EC3 <-> Male XT60 (3pcs/bag)


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XT60 to EC3 Battery Connection