How to be successful in FPV part: 5 - The Ground Station

by StoneBlueAirlines | November 12, 2012 | (17) Posted in Tips

This is part: 5 in our FPV Tutorial Video series. The Ground Station.
Check out this latest video to find out what you need to know to get started flying FPV.


In this tutorial we talk about why your ground station is very critical to the FPV experience. Do you pick goggles or a video screen? Satchel or tripod mount and do you go complex or simple.

Fatshark & Foxtech make some great plug and fly systems or you can mix and match depending on your needs.

I personally fly using a satchel bag with my fpv gear at my side and view my flights with a pair of Vuzix 920 goggles from Amazon.

I have had great luck with these goggles as they offer clear video and easy setup.

We hope this helps you when building your first FPV plane or quad

This video is brought to you by StoneBlueAirlines and Alex iBcrazy Greve (CAGreve1231) from Video Aerial Systems.

We will be posting new videos once a week so stay tuned for the next video in this series.

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Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat.

My Gear:

All my FPV gear came from:

Video: 808 #16 Keychain Camera with modded lens.

Planes: Spector 48
FPV40 Scratch Build Wing from Dollar Tree Foam
Flight Test Nut Ball

Radio: Futaba T6EXA Radio
Spectrum Dx6i
Receiver: Coronal RP6D1

Ground Station:
1.2 Ghz Transmitter and receiver for video
Helical and Cross Hair Antenna
Vuzix Wrap 920 Goggles
Video Monitor: Haier  7" LCD HLT71

Flying Wing Calculator



timmerflyer on November 12, 2012
Have you done a ground station where you mount a lcd tv on the radio transmitter with the video rx mounted behind the lcd? I have been looking at doing this and was wondering what your thoughts are on it. With having the Video RX and Radio transmitter very close together.
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StoneBlueAirlines on November 12, 2012
Not sure I get what your going for. I have an FPV set up that I can throw video to a screen and also to my googles at the same time.
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timmerflyer on November 12, 2012
Sorry I could have worded that better, I am thinking about mounting my 7" LCD on my dx6i in the back of the LCD would have 5.8ghz rx for fpv. This would put the two antennas close together would that cause interference and limit range?
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StoneBlueAirlines on November 13, 2012
I don't think that would be the best option as they will be screaming in each others ear. Try it but on 2.8 you don't have much on range anyway. I am on 72mhz and 1.2 gz just went out 6,200 feet for the first time this past week. Going to post my flight soon.
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MidwestRob on November 13, 2012
Another great FPV tutorial video. I liked the idea of using a repeater to allow for a wireless video goggle setup. On more than one occasion I've had curious kids trip over my video cable to my goggles. 5 Stars!
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StoneBlueAirlines on November 13, 2012
The satchel option is the best option for me. Easy set up and one bag to grab and go.
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RabDooley on March 14, 2013
Awesome videos!!!
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StoneBlueAirlines on March 15, 2013
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How to be successful in FPV part: 5 - The Ground ...