A New Trainer!

by IC Aeronautics | January 26, 2019 | (2) Posted in Projects

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One more semester and projects are starting to stack up, we have more that we can't wait to share with you and most of these that you see in the episode will come with FREE plans and build videos to go along with them.  The point of this article was to showcase the students and how far they have come since we started last year with the program. In this episode I can finally sit back and enjoy watching them come up with some awesome projects, utilizing 2D and 3D design software, developing and managing a store front, planning for our future events, and the best watching them fly on their own.  The new STOL trainer along with a new student now becoming a new trainer option for students was the highlight of the episode.  Caleb is designing an aircraft that is constructed a little differently then the norm.  He is playing around with easier constructed sections that go together for convenience and structural integrity.  I personally cannot wait until he is done along with all others.  The Flite Test community has always been great in giving project suggestions and we would love some more as new team pilots join our team monthly, would love to give them one of your project ideas to work them into the mix.

Caleb and Cameron get in a flight before Team 

Cameron's air to air shot! He is getting real good at this FPV stuff

Aidan coming up with a cool design!

This build serves a couple purposes, an exploded view of how our design go together for other students, a scaling project, and the fact that scaled planes are so cool!

The New Trainer wing is very cool looking

Here is the concept drawing the of aircraft Caleb is working off of.

Luis finished his cub and took it for a flight alongside Caleb

All smiles!

Noah took the leap with his Eclipse and flew solo for the first time!

All smiles and cheering for Noah!


Gryf on January 29, 2019
What an incredible facility! So cool that you guys can have a program like that in your schools.
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IC Aeronautics on January 30, 2019
Thank you, we hope to keep the program going strong and spreading our great hobby!

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konstantkrash on January 31, 2019
Excellent showcase of student achievements.

I really enjoyed working with some of the students on the Apprentice trainer and buddy box. Looking forward to seeing the Honda STOL take shape.

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Razor7177 on January 28, 2019
You guys building an MQ-25?
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IC Aeronautics on January 30, 2019
Interesting, I will share with the team, that is a cool plane!
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Razor7177 on January 31, 2019
Cause the kid Aiden looks like he was building one. So curiosity got to me, so I had to ask.
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A New Trainer!