Add a Slide Pot to your 9XR

by rctestbench | June 20, 2013 | (14) Posted in How To


I show how i added a slider potentiometer to the side of my turnigy 9XR. It is hard to use the rotating pots on the turnigy 9XR to control the tilt axis on a camera gimbal while flying fpv. By adding a slider potentiometer to the side of the radio, i can keep my hands in place to control my aircraft. Simple procedure exchanging a new slider 5K ohm pot for the original 5K ohm pot. With some minor alterations to the case of the radio, the new slider will help you keep control of your aircraft.

Link for the slider potentiometer on

Mouser Part #: 312-2045F-A5K
Manufacturer Part #: RA2045F-20A-15LC-B5K-C
Manufacturer: Alpha (Taiwan)
Description: Slide Potentiometers 20mm TRVL LINEAR 5K AMBER LED PC MOUNT


earthsciteach on June 21, 2013
Great article! This is a really nice mod for the radio. Might have to try this on my 9X at some point.
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flitetest_mexico on June 21, 2013
really nice article!!! very usefull to, i agree with earthsciteach i might also try it on my turnigy 9x
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danallen82 on June 21, 2013
Nice one! I have a 9XR too and I've already modded one of the pots to be a 6-position switch.

I wouldn't have thought of using a slider pot, since this guy used a PS2 joysticks behind the remote.
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vjacheslav.tsygankov on June 22, 2013
Nice job!!!! I`ll try to do it. I also don`t like position of twists.
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Splatwillicrash on June 24, 2013
Great Article, I have a Futaba 8J and have the same problem, it is a pain to have to reach up for the pot in the center. I hate bringing my hands off the stick to do so. especially when flying FPV with my Fat Sharks. I have to do it by brail!.. I might try this with my 8J or maybe I will just go out and buy a 9XR.
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OutcastZeroOne on July 15, 2013
Nice mod. just out of curiosity for those who may want to use that LED, any idea how brite it is?
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jweymarn on June 11, 2014
Hi, nice mod! Im planning to do the same on my 9X. But a question:

Does it have to be a 5k ohm pot?

Sparkfun only has 10k. I am guessing it is ok after you calibrate the pot in the software but I'm not sure...
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taag on November 25, 2014
Hi, I can't find the Slide Potentiometers 20mm TRVL LINEAR 5K AMBER LED PC MOUNT (RA2045F-20A-15LC-B5K-C) as alternatives I found these ones:

Slide Potentiometers 30mm Linear 5K PC Mount (RA3043F-20-10EB1-B53)


Slide Potentiometers 20mm TVL LINEAR 5K PC Mount (RA2043F-20-10EB1-B5K)

but I don't know if they are good replacement, can you suggest me which is the right one? Thank you!

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Add a Slide Pot to your 9XR