All foamboard FT Tenet

by NYCBobby | June 20, 2022 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

I built an all foamboard version of the Tenet.  She flies beautifully and can take some punishment too.


Here are some details on building the fuselage.

Three of these profiles need to be cut out.

Cut approximately 0.7" (18mm) wide strips of foamboard.  You can take off all the paper but if you want to keep it, you will have to selectively remove it from the areas that require a bend. Hot glue the strips around the profile. Using a square helps a lot with keeping the strips aligned to the edge. Repeat for second layer. Finish by gluing top profile on.

Another build technique using tissue paper was used for attaching the coffee stirrers to the fuselage and strengthening the wing joints.  I did not have good luck using the technique Josh shows where he uses a zip tie to make guides for the linkages.  I prefer the coffee stirrers.  I hot glued them onto a small piece of balsa then, using the tissue paper you typically get with a shirt, I cut out a small strip, painted it with Elmer's white glue and put it over the coffee stirrer. If you are using FT waterproof foamboard, sand the area first. I typically put three layers of tissue paper down.

This tissue paper technique was used on the wing joints as well.


star8etslotonline on June 30, 2022
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bird2jump on July 2, 2022
Nice design. Where are the design of the wings? Do you have a pdf file of the fuselage profile? Thanks, Bert
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NYCBobby on July 17, 2022
Bert: I feel it may be a bit unethical to release any design information because I basically copied Josh's design. But the wing is simple enough to design yourself. Wingspan 39.25", chord is about 6".
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bird2jump on July 17, 2022
Hello NYCBobby, thanks for your reply. Yes, I understand the protocol of not copying an existing design. For now I’ll just use the standard Flitetest wing design that I’ve used in my other planes. Also, I’ll use your simple fuselage flat profile photo to roughly replicate what you’ve already designed, ie reverse engineering. Maybe, see what other flat profiles would be optimally flyable. I think any flat profile would work since the aerodynamic wing would highlight airworthy performance.
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NYCBobby on July 21, 2022
Yes, I agree. I'm not sure how critical these dimensions are. I just made sure the motor angle went approximately through the cg, and that the slot cut into the fuselage for the servos were the same width as the servos I was going to use. The build goes fast.
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zachaum on March 9, 2023
Hi Bobby.. Your first flights look very much like mine when I got started. I noticed in your video you discussed not have a radio. I have an 6 channel FlySky FS-i6 with receivers that I would be more than happy to send to you. It was my first radio and has lots of YouTube videos on how to setup and mix (which is the reason that I bought it). If you would like the radio I'll send it your way. Just reply to this comment and we can exchange mailing information.
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All foamboard FT Tenet