Alpha 110 Mini Quad

by FliteTest | September 26, 2016 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Alex and Stefan tested out the new Graupner Alpha 110 Mini Quad by racing through Stefan’s brand new house!

Although micro quads fly a bit different than larger mini quads, the Alpha 110 provides the closest experience to flying a 220mm 5 inch setup quad.

There are quite a few micro quads available, including FPV and line of sight models like the Blade Nano QX, the Inductrix, and the Tiny Whoop. 

The Alpha 110 is available in three setups: an FPV, a line of sight RTF and a line of sight ARF (which does not include a controller).

The FPV model costs $149, the line of sight RTF costs $89, and the ARF costs $69.

After several heats, Alex earned the fastest time of 31 seconds. :)

The Alpha 110 is a great little setup, super fun to fly and it even has enough power to fly outside!

Check out the Alpha 110 on our store:

Alpha 110 FPV (RTF)

Alpha 110 (RTF)

Alpha 110 (ARF)


BillyBobjones on January 10, 2017
Has anyone been having issues with poor FPV quality?
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Alpha 110 Mini Quad