Amazon Prime Air + Google Project Wing

by FliteTest | September 15, 2014 | (24) Posted in Challenges

With so much talk about Google's Project Wing and Amazon's Prime Air we thought we'd put together a delivery system of our own and deliver Josh some gum!But instead of just delivering the much needed gum to Josh, we wanted to add more challenge into it.So we decided to fly The Kraken and deliver an Electrohub that delivers a QAV250 Lumenier, that delivers an Proto X that will deliver the gum!Josh will be flying The Kraken and with the help of Nick Fredrick, Peter, Alex. We have an FT Electrohub that will be dropping a QAV250 Lumenier, that will be dropping the Proto X.The QAV 250 Lumenier is setup with SpiroNET Omni - 5.8GHz CP Antenna but will be flown line of site.The QAV 250 Lumenier in the above photo is setup with Lumenier 5x3 Carbon Fiber Props.Attached to the front of the QAV 250 is a servo-controlled release bar holding down a Proto X.

After a few failed attempts, we made some adjustments and gave it one last try.

And we finally got our "Amazon Prime Air" Kraken into the air!

Pete launched the Electrohub off of the Kraken and sets up to release the Lumenier.

And the Proto X is released from the foam board launchpad attached to the Lumenier.

The Proto X is carrying the precious gum! 

We'd like to thank Nick Fredrick for stopping out and helping out with this delivery challenge and for helping us with our Kraken graphics. You can check out Nick's online graphic shop here:

We'd like to also thank for sponsoring this episode. Harry's offers great shaving experience for a fraction of the price of other razors. And has also set up a promo code to give Flite Test viewers a $5 discount off your first order.  

Go to and use promo code: FLITETEST and receive your $5 discount off your first order!

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evp on September 15, 2014
That was awesome, and Harry's razors are awesome, thank you!
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Billbo911 on September 16, 2014
Easily one of my favorite episodes ever.
I love the creativity.
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ERAU1983 on September 17, 2014
Great episode! Could you do a followup narration of what you did. Why was the Kraken vertical when you launched Pete's quad? How was Pete's quad secured to the Kraken? When you upped the Kraken power did you attempt a rolling launch? How was the second quad attached and released from the first quad?
I was really impressed with Pete's skills in this challenge. He bailed out at the last minute twice on the videos, and saved the three quads from assured destruction, and enabled the Kraken to survive and make another attempt.
Great Job, though I don't think Amazon or Google will be coming to you guys for guidance on how to make it work for them.
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Mostly Harmless on September 16, 2014
Great episode... well done! Always fun to see extreme measures for something as trivial as a getting a stick of gum. ;) Parts of this were reminiscent of:

Maybe you could make this your next challenge? Re-create the Mars Curiosity Rover landing (using a multi-rotor vs. rockets, of course). Perhaps initially dropped from a balloon? Extra points for the rover driving away after touchdown. Autonomous control is optional... (Maybe you could get NASA to sponsor the episode?)

As an alternate challenge, use as many aircraft with different flying modes (fixed wing, rotor, glider, parachute, etc.) as possible on a single "mission."

Keep up the good work!
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jpleaner on September 16, 2014
That's awesome! Well done guys!
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This is a great episode. But i would like to know if plans are available for the Plane hanging over Alex's right shoulder in the beginning of the video? I am an avid follower of all planes with Canards.
Having assisted my Father in building a Rutan Vari-eze when i was younger. Thanks for the great videos and keep up the great work.

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Mostly Harmless on September 17, 2014
Looks like the Jump Jet from Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." TV show.

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MADJRFL on September 15, 2014
Dronception episode is the most epic Flite Test episode to date. Where else can you see a Krakken, deliver a drone, that delivers a drone, that delivers a drone, that delivers gum? I actually want to see more of this.
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rbartlett on September 16, 2014
I think Josh needs a 6 pack of mountain dew to go with that gum.

Keep up the fun...
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BuckE67 on September 16, 2014
Even though I am not into multi-rotors, that was a really entertaining episode. Great job guys!
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MT Alex on September 15, 2014
Fists have been raised high, and minds have been blown!
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Good Kebo on September 15, 2014
Yes! That was great! More delivery videos.
How about delivering a basketball to a hoop, then recovering the ball, unaided by human hands, then taking another shot.
Could make it a competitive event, see who could get the most baskets in 5 minutes.
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ikarouav on September 16, 2014
Nice episode guys! it feels like the Flitetest we all fell in love with! Congrats.
Just a little short. we want moree!!
Thanks for coming back!
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ofir77 on September 16, 2014
Hii, amazing episode!!!
What is the weird looking plane beheind Alex????
Want to see it, plans???
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Joshtwood on September 17, 2014
The (possibly upcoming addition to the war birds swappables) aircraft behind Alex looks to be a Japanese Kyushu J7W Shinden or a Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender; it seems like the plane in the background has qualities from both aircraft.
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HorrifiedPilot on September 24, 2014
Why are we not funding this?
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maxsmodels on September 25, 2014
Only in America. I LOVE THIS PLACE!
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AkimboGlueGuns on September 15, 2014
This has got to be one of the greatest episodes done to date! Good job FT crew, pat your selves on the back. Some awesome shots of the Shinden too, but no bloody baron teaser? ;)
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earthsciteach on September 15, 2014
This won't impress me until you can deliver a drone that delivers a drone that delivers a drone that grinds the perfect amount of coffee while another drone pours the perfect amount of boiling water over said coffee and those deliver a drone that delivers that coffee to Josh so he can have coffee breath. You need an Eric Drone!
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BigSexy on September 16, 2014
Such ShameLess advertising guys! LOL but I have been thinking about Harry's products before and looked into it, and like the auto send schedule they offer for the replacement blades, and they are cheaper than Schick and Gillette. But does anyone here have any experience with how well they work? My wife and I share a razor, so needless to say, I always have a dull razor *S*, and despise the 4-6$ each replacement cost......
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BigSexy on September 16, 2014
Also great video guys! Who came up with this idea???? More of this would be awesome! Just you guys doing crazy things that push the envelope and having a great time, is what makes FLITETEST such a great company! BTW the (dumb Josh, I love that viewer response video!) is great and we want to see more of him.
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DeValk on September 16, 2014
VTOL Kraken delivery wing. You know you want to build one do it then make a kit with an instruction video.
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Amazon Prime Air + Google Project Wing