B-17 "Memphis Belle"

by FliteTest | September 1, 2014 | (17) Posted in Just Fun

We had the amazing opportunity to take a flying tour of this beautiful Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. 

We were given this opportunity by Adam Drain from the Liberty Foundation. The Liberty Foundation is committed to preserving these amazing aircrafts and sharing their stories with the public.

Each member is a volunteer who donates their time just so they can inspire and educate people about these wonderful pieces of history.

Running a machine like this one is not a cheap endeavor. To fly this plane for an hour costs around $4,500! On top of that the Liberty Foundation functions solely on donations.

If you would like to get involved, donate, or even become a member, please visit their website at: www.libertyfoundation.org. Also, all contributions are tax deductible! 

We were absolutely blown away by this experience. If you ever get the opportunity to see this in person, or catch a ride, we HIGHLY recommend it. 

Enjoy the screenshots below!

Please take the time to support the Liberty Foundation any way you can. These types of experiences would not exist without them.

One thousand thank yous to Adam and the whole crew for this once in a lifetime opportunity!




tramsgar on September 1, 2014
Awesome bird! Still, good thing the war is over.
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Noobi1951 on September 1, 2014
Thanks guys! Josh, that expression is priceless. My Dad was one of those teenage aviators (HEROS), he is still with us today at the age of eighty nine. He was one of three crewmen to survive when the B-17 in which he was a gunner literally came apart as an AA round went off in their Bombay. He spent the last four months of the European war as a P.O.W. . He would reinter the Military for Korea, and then spend over five thousand hours in B-29s. He is a Hero to our family.
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Metadragon5555 on September 1, 2014
Nice plane! saw one at the Cleveland Airshow this weekend! it is such an amazing plane and such a neat experience to go inside one of these beautiful greasy beasts.
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jrbemis on September 1, 2014
I just saw the bird in Schenectady, NY. Just a bit smaller than the B-52.
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Bailey on September 1, 2014
that is so cool also I just bought a swabbable kit with the nutball the ft flyer and the ft delta
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Flying Cirkus on September 1, 2014
Sorry guys, this is way too short.. we want moooore footage.. "Editor: there is nothing wrong with shots longer than 0.1ms"

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Flying Fox on September 1, 2014
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DennisN on September 2, 2014
Sweet episode! I've been fortunate enough to catch a ride in a vintage Beechcraft model 18 once. Flying in a vintage plane (even smaller ones) definitely is an experience never to forget. :)

I'll have to agree with Flying Cirkus though: some more onboard footage would be nice. Especially missing some shots that capture the atmosphere in the plane. (Instead of all shots with music and narration).

Perhaps upload some raw "bonus content" on the Gremlin channel? ;)

Either way, love the show and keep up the good work :)
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BuckE67 on September 2, 2014
This was a great video. Thank you. My Great Uncle Louis flew in a B-17 during the war. It was named A-Merry-Can.
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TommyG on September 2, 2014
Great stuff! I bet there is a B-17 scratch build in the pipeline judging by how excited you guys seemed to be
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lark95 on September 3, 2014
would love an ft b-17

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JonasL on September 3, 2014
Really love this episode, and the B-17 itself!
I must admit I was quite dissapointed not to hear the engine sound of the plane even once in the film. I have to join the club and ask for some more atmosphere from onboard the plane.

No doubt you guys were having an amazing time on board - that clearly shows in the pictures. But please give us the sound from those lovely radial engines instead of voice-over and music.
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apnewton on September 7, 2014
I agree. Missed opportunity. Give us the noise of takeoff and inside while flying, cut that intrusive music.
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j.VIzzon on September 3, 2014
Great video sharing a little piece of history. Thanks so much.

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nmira10 on September 3, 2014
you need to make a B-17 rc model because it would be cool
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nmira10 on September 3, 2014
learended a lot about these planes never actaly seen one fly thanks for the info
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B-17 "Memphis Belle"