Blade 350 QX: Full Review

by dhdsracer | October 2, 2013 | (12) Posted in Reviews

My full review on Horizon's newest Quad!


Miracle Air on October 3, 2013
Great review!
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Cyberdactyl on October 3, 2013
Thanks for the review. Good job.

You didn't mention the price point span, but it appears to be $420 - $470. So, yes, this appears to be direct competition for the Phantom. Sort of a "Phantom Lite"?

A question, can the modified DX5 be used as a "normal" transmitter?

[[ I said in my previous deleted post that I thought you could mount props since it appeared to have a threaded post like the Hextronik DT series, but realized the detail you inserted into the video was yours. ]]

The 'safe mode' (props stopped) is indeed very troubling.
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TommyGunn on October 4, 2013
Great review :)
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jamesb72 on October 23, 2013
I am really pleased with my 350QX, works out of the box, the GPS hold is amazing, and RTH a great safety net, I had great fun with gopro, have fitted a cheap brushless gimbal from ebay which works superbly ($100 delivered), and just yesterday bought FPV gear to try on this, am loving it so far!
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EAW on October 24, 2013
Love my 350... a little edit to your review: you can actually kill the motors while on the ground by holding the trainer switch up for a couple of seconds.
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kah00na on October 30, 2013
I've seen replacement frames for sale for around $20. You said the motors weren't upgradeable. Is that because they are soldered to the ESC or because it uses non-standard size mounts? I was thinking about buying just the replacement frame and filling it with my own choice of electronics. Since you have the quad, does it look like that would be possible?
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Blade 350 QX: Full Review