Blade Inductrix Switch Air RTF - New from Blade!

by FliteTest | February 8, 2019 | (6) Posted in News

A truly innovative take on the Inductrix switch, Horizon Hobby's Blade has come up with an intriguing airframe concept.  

Before we tell you anything, check out this video.

Now you've seen the potential, hopefully, you'll realise why we're excited. 

Specs At a Glance 

For those in a hurry, here's what you need to know. 

  • 1S 25C 150mAh LiPo battery
  • Available in Ready-to-Fly and Bind-N-Fly® Basic versions
  • Easy to fly indoors
  • Durable foam wing design easily survives bumps and crashes
  • Converts between Quad and Wing Modes in seconds with stick commands
  • Programmable LED lights


It's VTOL - You don't need a runway to fly the Inductrix Switch and that's because it's capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing. This is particularly handy for flying in smaller indoor locations. You just need to stick the aircraft down on the floor, like a normal Inductrix quad, and get flying. 

It's Modular - This Inductrix second member of the Switch family. If you're unfamiliar with the other, both are snap-together designs. You can enjoy two models in one, transforming from a microdrone into a flying wing in seconds. No tools or wiring changes are required - hooray! That's pretty helpful for newbies.

It's Easy to Fly - For beginners, this might be a great way to get into both planes and quads in one product. Blade have included self-leveling flight modes make flying in Wing Mode or Quad Mode extremely easy. The airframe is also super durable, so if/when you hit something, you're not going to damage it or your aircraft. 

Order Your Inductrix 

Available in either a BNF or RTF aircraft, this plane is very affordable and might be a welcome addition to your fleet. The RTF version comes in at just $59.99

Inductrix Switch Air RTF 

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CrazyFastFlying on February 8, 2019
Looks pretty cool! $59.99 isn't to bad for RTF!
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Raccoonworks on February 8, 2019
This is awesome! When I first saw the product video, my jaw dropped. Definitely asking for one for my birthday!
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isaac davis on February 9, 2019
can the wing come off so you can fly like a normal drone?
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kilroy07 on February 11, 2019
I had to do a double take on the price, Looks like a whole lot of fun for under $50!!
I'll defiantly preorder one of these next paycheck!!!
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kilroy07 on March 5, 2019
And I just picked mine up last night, Oh man this thing is a lot of fun, but I need a bigger living room!
Best part is it drives the cats NUTS!
Haven't tried it in a pure drone mode yet, having too much fun as a wing.
Picked up two extra batteries, you'll want a few extra, trust me!

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Blade Inductrix Switch Air RTF - New from Blade!