Build a Simple Airplane Balancing Stand!

by JamesWhomsley | September 14, 2017 | (8) Posted in Projects

I love making things. It's addictive. It's something that I probably share with a lot of you out there in this community. But, unfortunately, it's something that not everyone thinks they can do, and yet they most probably can. Here is how I made something useful. 

I needed a more accurate way to ballence this FT Mini Scout that I slapped together recently for another project (video coming soon!).

So then I made this.

Here is a simple little project that I did in about half an hour. It's nothing special. It's just a few bits of wood in essence but hopefully you can see that, with very little effort, you can make something that makes your life easier!

Here is what I used:


1x 2x4 wooden plank

2x wooden BBQ sticks


A Drill

A Saw 


A Permanent Marker Pen


So you can see, it's as simple as that.

I believe that everyone has the potential to add to their own worlds through creating things and not just buying. So go and make something!

Thank you for reading this short article and watching the video. If you'd like to check out some of my other, much bigger projects, just have a look at my YouTube channel - Project Air.

Click Here for the PROJECT AIR Youtube Channel!


The different designer on September 16, 2017
Very good film and article. I particularly like the film making style, with all the close up shots of the equipment used. It really helped to show the construction process. I have one question though. Could the design be scaled up to be used for bigger models? I imagine you would need larger diameter dowels and a bigger base plate of wood. Anyway fantastic work, and I like your opinion on everyone having potential to bring something unique to the world, by building as opposed to buying.
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JamesWhomsley on September 18, 2017
Cheers! I imagine you could make one bigger and it would work fine. :)
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Gryf on September 20, 2017
Hey, it works! Simple and effective. ;-) I'm thinking of doing something similar, but with pencils for the uprights. That way the model can sit on the rubber erasers and not slide around. I'll probably sand the erasers to points to get a more accurate read. Cheers, Gryf
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JamesWhomsley on September 21, 2017
Great idea using pencils. I was going to hot glue some rubber on the top of the posts, but unfortunately, hot glue and rubber don't like each other for some reason. :P
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Build a Simple Airplane Balancing Stand!