Make a Thrust Vectoring Jet! - Build Log

by FliteTest | February 8, 2019 | (5) Posted in Projects

Want to thrust vector? Here's how Alex and our friend Adam converted an EDF jet to create a wild ride. 

Dude, have you seen the creations ajwoodpeice has been putting out on his YouTube channel? You might remember Adam from his Flying Lego Airplane that appeared at Flite Fest West in 2017. We decided to get him on the show to collab with Alex on an aerobatic jet project. 

How It Was Done

Defining the goal

Adam wanted to recreate a pusher prop F-22 that he had designed in his spare time. This uses an affordable EDF version of the F-22 you can order here. The main mission for this plane was for it to become an aerobatic monster of a jet capable of vectoring thrust with its large control surfaces. Let's go!


A major component of this build was hacking into the already beautiful looking airframe to fit all of the extra electronics. The EDF also had to be removed, but this was actually exceedingly simple as it wasn't glued in. Nice!

Don't be afraid to go for it 

Hacking up a nice airframe can be a daunting prospect. It's alright to think a lot about the process before jumping into a build, but at some point you'll have to put knife to foam. Remember, practice is a necessary part of the learning process. You might be surprised at how good looking your project turns out to be! You can also always cover up blemishes with an awesome new paint job, if needs be. 

Positioning motors are important

Remember, any inconstancies with offset motors will result in skewed thrust lines. For securing your motors, it's important to use the right glue. Be sure to check out our range of CA glues, the sort you should use for these all-important firewall mounts, on the Flite Test store.

Also, if your wondering on the motor type to use on this build, we used the new 2205 FT Radial motor. Check out all the stats you need to know about this brand new Flite Test designed motor on the Flite Test store through this handy link.  

Get Inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration for a new quick build or longer-term project, you can always find it at Flite Test. We have a ton of Flite Test project articles along with community builds here and on the Forum for you to check out anytime that suits you. Here's another thrust-vectoring jet featured in a Flite Test article last year. 

More from Adam

Aka: ajwoodpiece

If you want to see more of Adam's work, make sure to check out Adam's social media accounts and YouTube. Here's a taste of what he has created, though.

Aerobatic X-Wing

Flying Lego Helicopter

Flying Lego Technics Helicopter

RC Lego Space Shuttle


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paracodespoder on February 11, 2019
Just a reminder: this is NOT thrust vectoring, the motors are fixed in place, with thrust vectoring the motors can be moved via a servo. This does have differential thrust though. Pretty cool build other than being mislabeled.
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JTarmstr on February 11, 2019
Except thrust vectoring such as that used by the F-22, SU-35, Dassault Rafale and SU-57 merely re-direct the thrust in the appropriate direction, the engines are fixed in place. However this does not completely redirect the thrust, it just uses the control surfaces to partially direct thrust giving them more authority and better performance close to stall speed. So I would say its a very inefficient form of thrust vectoring.
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paracodespoder on February 11, 2019
Ah, thank you for the correction, I apologize, I guess you learn something new every day 👍.
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konstantkrash on February 12, 2019
I too was a bit confused about the term used in this application. I thought I would give them the benifit of the doubt. I do think it is a bit of a reach. That said . . . Cool project and nice workmanship.
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Brett_N on February 12, 2019
Any chance Adam would be willing to share a copy of the template he made for cutting the wing?
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Make a Thrust Vectoring Jet! - Build Log