Cessna 170 Review

by FliteTest | March 6, 2017 | (8) Posted in Reviews

We have enjoyed flying the Cessna 170 by Flex Innovation recently. So much so that we wanted to share some of our favorite aspects of this RC model while passing the transmitter.

We know that huge planes can be intimidating to fly and take up a lot of space as well as taking a decent amount of time to assemble. With the Cessna 170, let your worries be alleviated. This is one of our favorite RC scale planes to fly.

One of the parts we love about it is that it can be assembled in approximately five minutes. The only assembly “issue” we had was getting the four screws into the top to attach the wings. With an extra pair of hands, it was much easier. 

Other things we loved

  • Easy to fly—ensure you fly the wing
  • Comes with functional and strong aluminum struts
  • There’s a night flight version with a driver available to use lights
  • The scale lines and details bring the majesty of scale looks and flight as well as the ability to fly non-scale acrobatics
  • Large flaps for stunning short take-offs and landings
  • The ability to accept a wide range of batteries, which gives different performance levels
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • Even with no gyro capability, it still felt incredibly stable 

Things we didn’t love as much 

  • The wheels were solid, but we would have preferred them to be rubbery and a little softer
  • Had to readjust the tail wheel on the landing gear to make landing smoother
  • It banked a lot on the first flight up—we needed to adjust the aileron sub-trims, which is normal

In case you didn’t get to see the full-scale episode, our friend Bob Parmalee recently took Stefan for a walkaround with a Cessna 182. What’s unique is that Bob used to own a Cessna 170—so we decided to give him this model Cessna to thank him for all the volunteering he does for us here at Flite Test!

Have you had the opportunity to fly the Flex Innovation Cessna 170 yet? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


PropSpinner on March 7, 2017
I liked Josh Scott doing his imitation of Jimmy Fallon doing tight pants. The plane was nice to! LOL
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PropSpinner on March 7, 2017
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Wayne Page on August 6, 2017
Received my flex 170 with floats.. Assembly went fine with the exception of some of the 3mm screw heads stripping out. Set up went ok. While not completely understanding the aura system I was able to make it work. Tech support at flex could have been better but I did manage to become comfortable with my set up. Initial flight and trim adjustments were standard except for using the aura and the quick trim option.
Over all the plane flys very good and has plenty of power. My only concerns are with the quality of the screws and the flimsy float struts. The Struts need additional bracing
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Cessna 170 Review