064 CHARPU & GetFPV Interview: Race Quad Evolution

by FliteTest | March 1, 2015 | (10) Posted in Podcasts

We had an amazing opportunity to hang out with Charpu, Tim Nilson, Andy Graber and Fred Provost (FlyingMonkey) in Florida near the main offices of GetFPV. So the natural course of action was to open up and share the discussion with you for the podcast!


Audio Link

We talk shop with Charpu about how he got started flying and the what the secret is to  become such a gifted RC FPV pilot in under a year. 

We also talk to Tim and Andy about how they got their start in the hobby and the humble origions of their now massively successful business. With the lighting speed that the multirotor industry is advancing it is very interesting to look back at where it's come from and what the very exciting future holds. 

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Incase you haven't seen a Charpu video :)


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samick on March 2, 2015
i love the topic of crashing! You dont get better unless your close to crashing. the only videos i even bother posting on my facebook are the crashes lol
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maximaal on March 2, 2015
Where can I find something about the fortex disc shooter?
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Captain Crash on March 2, 2015
what happened to josh's voice
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Ground loop on March 2, 2015
He finally hit puberty! I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
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flyingbuddha on March 3, 2015
here is the fortex disc shooter
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andyshen on March 3, 2015
Hey guys you can check out the design here, it was a lot of fun working with Tim and the Lumenier guys: http://www.shendrones.com/blast-design
Here it is at Getfpv: http://www.getfpv.com/blast-quadcopter.html
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Zeb Ludlow on March 3, 2015
Good podcast thanks for having Charpu. First I've heard of him,should have him more. Nice story Josh Bixler, hey man is your voice ok?It was weird sounding.
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Zeb Ludlow on March 3, 2015
Charpu, you flying is amazing!
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Tcw0313 on March 22, 2015
Ok there were a LOT of amazing things going on in this PODCAST. But..... did I hear mention of a 250 size electro hub? I would totally be on board!!!! I just need to know how long we need to wait for this!!!
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064 CHARPU & GetFPV Interview: Race Quad Evolution