Connecting EZ ID to Betaflight for GPS Passthrough

by 5zero7rc | October 25, 2023 | (2) Posted in How To

How to get GPS data from the Flite Test EZ ID Remote ID Module into Betaflight

If you have a Flite Test EZ ID Module and want to use its GPS data for Betaflight's return to home feature or to have coordinates displayed in your OSD, here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Connect a signal wire from the EZ ID to your flight controller.

Connect the transmit pad (tx), which is the second from the left when looking at the underside of the board, to an open receive pad on your flight controller.

Pinout Diagram

Step 2: Install a compatible version of Betaflight

Betaflight needs to be version 4.4.3 or newer to be compatible with the GPS data from the EZ ID.  At the time this was written, 4.4.3 was not yet released.  So to get this working you will need to install the development version of Betaflight called 4.4.3-zulu.

Step 3: Enable MSP on the correct UART

On the ports tab of Betaflight, enable MSP on the UART that you soldered the wire to and hit Save and Reboot.  FYI, you can only have 3 ports configured for MSP.  If you try to add a 4th, they will all disappear when you reboot.

Step 4: Enable GPS and select MSP

On the configuration tab in Betaflight, enable the GPS and change the protocol to MSP.  Then save and reboot.

That should be it.  Once the board reboots, you should see GPS information in Betaflight.

If you want to follow along as I do these steps, check out the video below:


dollar99 on March 25, 2024
I'm excited to get my EZ ID working and I've followed these directions but I'm getting a red light on the EZ ID. Does anyone know if there's a manual with a description of what the light colors and patterns mean?
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Connecting EZ ID to Betaflight for GPS Passthrough